Quelle est l'efficacité de l'hypnose pour soigner l'insomnie ?

Nobody is alien to the essentiality that sleep retains in everybody’s life. All the health and felicity of life is somewhere associated with the quantity of sleep you take every day. Deprivation of the long-term sleep in daily life contributes to anxiety, depression and an undesirable and dull mood. Dark circles and a dazed head are a few of the most common physical signs of “insomnia”, the technical term used to refer to sleeplessness.


A lot of people in the world suffer from this grave illness. The seriousness of the issue is in the fact that the amount of insomniacs among the young people of the planet is rising as the time is moving forward. People do a variety of things to attempt and sleep, trying to overlook the fact they’re not feeling sleepy. Night-caps and the highly addictive sleeping pills are the two most common ways that people tend to use for a sound sleep, but the ill-effects of tablets can’t be avoided so easily.

Thus, a safe and effective means of treating insomnia can be hypnosis, which is free from any kind of side effects or other similar harmful elements.

L'hypnose - Quelle est son efficacité ?

There’s a really common problem in the minds of people who hypnosis is a synonym for sleep. But, the truth is that this conception can’t ever be true as hypnosis takes a person to be alert while he’s in a profound state of trance/relaxation. This element of being alert is a result of the fact that the individual has to take the ideas given to him by the hypnotist, and that may be possible only if he’s alert.

L'hypnose peut vous permettre de contrôler vos habitudes de sommeil dans une très large mesure. Le processus de l'hypnose du sommeil est composé d'un certain nombre de gradations. Ces étapes doivent être très contrôlées et réalisées avec soin. La méthodologie de l'ensemble du processus est extrêmement rigoureuse.

Quelques étapes

The basic ideology behind sleep-hypnosis is to get your mind reprogrammed to acquire natural sleep at proper timing which would keep you fresh and healthy.


One of the most essential steps in carrying out the sleep-hypnosis treatment is to receive your body muscles completely relaxed. Deep breaths can be an extremely effective method of doing this. You need to feel the muscles relaxing in most parts of the body. The eyes need to be positioned in this way (while they’re closed ), that the attention is on your brow. This will lead to your eyelids to flap immediately and this will take you to the point of rapid eye motion of sleep.

Comprendre les éléments perturbateurs du sommeil

Maintenant, vous devez reconnaître les éléments qui jouent un rôle important dans la cause des troubles du sommeil chez vous. Il faut examiner sérieusement les activités qui peuvent être la cause probable de l'incidence des troubles du sommeil.

Programmation neurolinguistique

Cette technique puissante a toutes les capacités de renverser les choses qui font partie de vos tâches liées au sommeil. Les actions qui suscitaient en vous des sentiments de stress peuvent maintenant être transformées en un état de relaxation absolue et de transe céleste. La chose la plus risquée qui puisse arriver est que vous vous endormiez pendant une demi-heure.