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L'hypnose pour la perte de poids fonctionne-t-elle ?

My NYC office uses Hypnosis to help people regain control of their habits and behaviors. I help them to eliminate unhealthy habits and teach them how to replace them with healthier behaviors. Then I work with them to make these new behaviors their habitual responses. It is our unthinking, unconscious patterns that cause us the most trouble. If we make it a habit to walk into our homes every day at the end of work, drop our packages on the ground, then run into the kitchen to get a “treat” of some non-essential food (unhealthy food), and then settle down on the couch in front the TV, we will continue to feel the need to do the same unhealthy activity every day.

No Balance

This activity will make us feel out of balance. We will feel out of balance. It will not be right. You can replace the unhealthy activity with a healthier one. This can be achieved by replacing the unhealthy behavior with a healthier one. If we don’t adopt this healthier behavior, we will feel out of balance, out of control, or just plain wrong. These uncomfortable feelings will motivate us to adopt a healthier lifestyle and not an unhealthy one.


How can hypnosis help with my development of good habits? Hypnotic trance refers to a state in which we become more suggestible. When we are in hypnotic state, we tend to believe and accept any suggestions that are made to our subconscious minds. My clients are encouraged to change their behavior. I suggest they behave the same way they agreed to during our pre-session interview.

To motivate them to change their unhealthy behaviors, I make the old behavior a negative experience or feeling. My clients then practice the new behavior, and I link it to a very pleasant feeling or experience. This motivates them to continue with the healthier behavior. How does hypnosis work? This is because we tend to move away negative feelings and towards things that make us feel good. Two ways to coax a donkey. With a carrot or a stick. This is basically providing my clients with their carrot and stick. I guide them on a path that will help them make healthier choices and maintain their weight.

Good To Know

This is not a quick fix or a temporary diet that is easy to follow. It is as simple as brushing your teeth every day or washing your hands at certain times. Habits are so powerful that we make them our powerful allies when it comes to weight loss. This is how hypnosis can help clients lose weight, become healthier, and feel happier.

Hypnosis can also be a pleasant experience for people. They feel more relaxed, more capable, and have fun. This rewarding way to make permanent changes is just one side effect. Self hypnosis is a great way to get started.