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Connaissez-vous les mythes courants sur l'acné ?

While growing up, you have probably heard of the numerous speculations and myths about acne. There are many myths about the causes in addition to treatment for acne. Unsurprisingly, you probably grew up not really understanding the cause and the right treatment for acne. If you’re not suffering from acne, you would not care but as soon as you’re afflicted of the pesky skin disease, you would probably care a lot.


Acne is a skin disease. It’s a result of the actions of hormones and skin components such as your hair follicles and the skin’s oil glands. It seems almost everywhere on the skin surface but mostly on the face, neck, chest, shoulders and back. In order to properly treat acne, you need to be aware of the myths surrounding this skin disorder.

Que faire ?

It’s an excellent idea to go to your dermatologist the moment you’re plagued with acne to get proper treatment. Your dermatologist will most likely enlighten you to the fact, what causes it and how to deal with it. There are actually many types of myths about acne.

Frequent washing eliminates zits. Admittedly, while regular washing may eliminate the germs and oil onto the skin. Additionally, it causes skin aridness that might also lead to frequent acne breakouts.

Avoid makeup or shaving in the event that you would like to prevent acne. You don’t need to totally forego using makeup. You just need to learn how to pick your cosmetic products correctly. Look for brands that are labeled noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic. It is also possible to shave. Just be certain that you do it correctly and with great razors so that you’d avoid nicking your skin and causing allergies or irritations.

Poor hygiene triggers or causes migraines. This may be true to some people but most people who suffer migraines are in fact quite hygienic. In actuality, they nearly aggravate their zits longer with regular washing. They develop some type of obsession with cleanliness.

Tanning helps heal the problem. In truth, tanning doesn’t help treat acne. In actuality, it might actually aggravate the problem. You might also developed allergy against the chemicals used in tanning.

Pimples is brought on by fatty foods and chocolate. There’s truly no scientific evidence to this old myth. There’s absolutely not any evidence that pizza, cheese hamburgers and French fries cause acne. Needless to say, there might be some folks who experience acne breakouts with specific foods such as chocolates. People’s bodies respond differently to foods.

Stress causes acne. You will need to differentiate the sort of stress that might or might not lead to pimples. Day-to-day stressors don’t cause acne. However, severe stress which needs medical intervention or therapy may indeed cause eczema breakouts.

Let the condition run its program. Often, individuals suffering from acne, particularly teenagers, are advised to allow their affliction only run its program. Well, maybe it is but it may be treated and it may clear up with treatment. You do not have to bear with it for quite a long time and you do not need to risk scars from growing. It is possible to seek treatment for it the moment the condition gets out of control or even before then.