La fermeture éclair révèle des globules blancs en bonne santé prêts à combattre l'épidémie de coronavirus comme symbole du système immunitaire Illustration 3D

Saviez-vous ceci à propos de la percée immunitaire ?

When pressed for a reason , you might have attributed it to a”strong constitution” or”good genes.” And, you would be right! But there are those people who’ve experienced health challenges, and are still searching for answers beyond the”basic four”. Nutrition, sleep, sleep, fresh air and sun, a simplistic wellness model that hasn’t worked for everyone.

Pourquoi ?

Perhaps because overlooked was the value of a powerful defense system. Most of you have probably never heard of this “Repair Loop” and neither had I until I picked up a book by Robert Becker, MD, Cross Currents. After years of scientific experiments on salamanders that readily re-grow tails, eyes and paws, Dr. Becker cautioned that these lowly lizards had what he called an “complete Repair Loop”. And we as humans don’t! Dr. Becker’s question was, “What happened to the human Repair Loop?” With intuited study the puzzle pieces began falling into place.

Healthy individuals have a fully working Repair Loop and people that are having unwellness in any form have a busted Repair Loop. Because the body functions with subtle electric frequencies, a closed electric circuit or loop is essential for the completion of the repair procedure. If you’re experiencing chronic health challenges, it could be that part of the Repair Loop is damaged and consequently causing the body to become incapable of finishing the repair procedure.


Intuited research tells us that there are twelve components required to finish the loop for complete mobile repair required for radical wellness. This is easily supported through kinesiology (muscle-checking) or dowsing.

  • Axiatonal Lines- These dynamic lines join the bio-cellular action of the body to higher energetic grids throughout the acupuncture-meridian system.3 When damaged, the flow of Life Force, which feeds the cells, is disrupted causing the cells to slowly shut down. The results can be wasting diseases like multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, ALS/Lou Gerhig’s Disease.
  • Harmonic Electric System-research has shown that power is very important to the life process starting with the health and recovery of the human body.
  • Brain’s Energy Shield (or Psychic Sheath)-is to the mind what the air is to the body. When broken, the loss of the natural protection could lead to thoughts and feelings that aren’t of “self”.
  • Immune System – Based in the thymus, a excellent immune system recognizes and destroys all invaders foreign to the body. A low immune response shows up quickly in a routine of unwellness or general failure to thrive.
  • Electrolyte Balance – With the correct balance of these vital minerals, a sodium-potassium pumping activity is set up to maintain the body’s 75 trillion cells healthy through the influx of nutrients and the release of cellular wastes.
  • Body pH (acid/balanced) – The body has been designed to continuously monitor and balance the acid/alkaline base of the body, keeping it slightly alkaline for healing and health by transferring sodium from the gut lining and joints and calcium in the bones to buffer any acidity back into an ideal 7.2 – 7.4 alkalinety.
  • DNA Molecule – The blueprint for growth and repair is present in each cell at birth. Genetic structural memory when damaged may lead to imperfect cellular repair.
  • Gland of Regeneration – This small gland located behind the liver has been detected by Robert Detzler, a healer in the Pacific Northwest. Much of Detzler’s information comes through intuited research. The crucial function of the little-known gland is to preserve cellular integrity and strength and help out with cell regeneration.
  • Fully functioning cells are in a continuous cycle of repair instead of a breakdown mode based on disease.
  • Intent-to-be-Well – The intent to endure or recover one’s health creates a positive reaction in the cells, at all levels. The body-mind-spirit link has an remarkable power for healing. A lack of religion or the lack of hope may be the difference between a lifetime of radiant health or disease, death or life.
  • Destiny – trumps all of the aforementioned. Author and medical doctor, Richard Gerber, indicates that illness begins at the etheric level or greater, leaching down to the body during conditions of compromised health. The energy instinctive has the capacity to pick up on those frequencies of malfunction years before they manifest in the body as disease.

It’s quite possible you will already have a sense of how well your Repair Loop is working. If it’s not powerful, why? A lifetime of illness can ultimately be traced back to four variables, namely body injury, emotional trauma, toxins and disorderly electrical, any one of which may damage or completely destroy the body’s defense system that is amazing. If harm is caused by insufficient oxygen, food or water, or extreme cold or heat it might be beyond repair.

Child’s health

A child born healthy, growing up in the world can be confronted with the possibility of ill health and disease primarily because of Repair Loop damage. Body Trauma is another overlooked destroyer of the Repair Loop, whether caused by an auto accident, a fall or sports injury, surgeries or dental procedures. Even if anesthesia makes one oblivious, the body knows, and the Repair Loop registers damage.

Emotional Trauma might appear insignificant when placed alongside poisoning, electrical and body injury, however its consequences are extremely real. Brought on by a passing, a tough divorce, the diagnosis of a critical illness, the loss of a job or a beloved pet, the outcome is often shattered emotions. The intense feelings of fright or abandonment, even in infancy, can negatively affect health for a lifetime. Toxins accumulate at the cellular level through inhalation, ingestion, injection and absorption till over a period of time that they reach “critical mass” and the Repair Loop is damaged, placing a ceiling on the system’s capability to self-repair. Inhaled-paint, hair sprays, cigarette smoke, household cleansers and bronchodilators are but some of the hundreds and hundreds of daily assaults on the body by inhalation.

Souvenez-vous de

Ingested-includes anything consumed including pesticide-laden create, the chemical additives of”fake foods”sugar, drugs, alcohol and coffee to name but a few. Injected-those that break through the skin. In this class we find flu shots and botox treatments, insect bites, the poisonous bite of a snake or the scrape of an oleander bush. Absorbed-through skin or mucus membranes. And do check the warning label in your own toothpaste. Intuited research informs us that artificial poisons are kept off by the body in organs or systems in addition to cysts and tumors.

On the other hand, if the damage is by “natural poisoning” (poisonous plants, insects, etc.), the cells can read the frequencies and respond by turning”on” the repair procedure (CRRS) sending contaminated cytokine hormones into the site of injury. The consequent inflammation cleans up the toxins and injured tissue in addition to any microbes to prevent infections. Chaotic Electric surrounds us from devices we already suspected as “poisonous” such as our mobile phones, computers and TVs to things we never regarded as capable of harm such as hair dryers and shavers.

Electric blanket and waterbed are plugged into a socket surrounding us with an”electrical field” all night long. The clock radio on your night stand, or the”electrical box” we drive around in – your vehicle.

De nos jours,

Our modern society brings us busy electrical overload, the possibility most devastating of all in its capacity to affect the body’s harmonic electrical system. Once known as Repair Loop damage, there are lots of natural therapies that may help reverse this circumstance, although outcomes even after years of work tend to be minimal. It’s reminiscent of the woman who’d been using homeopathy for six decades and when asked if she’d noticed a difference, she replied, “not yet.” You know you are not getting well if after a reasonable time you are not feeling better.

Then again, feeling “better” isn’t the same as being “well”. How can you understand the difference? If you stop using the goods or the treatment, do the symptoms return? If you must continue your routine to feel”better” then it’s just encouraging your system, not fixing it. Now there is another alternative, “energy medicine” for cleansing vibrationally at the molecular level. And better still, the cleanup can be achieved early on until the heart pains, bouts of asthma, attacks of anxiety or depression or the locked-up joints of arthritis, or memory loss. It’s called “preventive medicine”. Because frequency formulas are water-based they may be used for kids and even toddlers babies. Imagine a life free from illness. Scientists are saying that it is possible through deep cellular cleansing. Energy medicine is definitely a wave of the future, providing answers for some of the toughest health issues in our society today.