Vue frontale des joues et du menton d'une fille avec des cicatrices d'acné.

Que devez-vous savoir sur les traitements de l'acné ?

Virtually everybody struggles with acne at some time in their lives. Usually during their adolescent years, but there are many who have acne problems well into their thirties and even afterwards. As a consequence of that, products saying to treat or even prevent acne are flooding the marketplace. To start with, there are acne remedies soaps.

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Much like any other soap, these should be used to wash the face, normally two times per day. Many of the labels will state that they operate by deep cleansing the pores by eliminating dirt and excess oil. Along with cleansers, there are a great deal of acne treatment astringents in the marketplace. These work like the soaps do by cleaning the pores and removing oil.

However, astringents are utilized by wetting a cotton pad with the astringent and then using the mat to cleanse the affected places.A common effect of both soaps and astringents is dry skin, as well as flushed, peeling skin. Fortunately, there are a good deal of moisturizing creams and lotions available for purchase which should alleviate the skin and keep it nice and smooth. Acne skin care remedies generally arrive in containers with more than 1 item.

For instance, an acne skincare treatment might have profound cleansing soap, astringent, and moisturizer all in one. For more serious acne, a dermatologist may also prescribe treatments. Some of them might have special stronger kinds of cleansers or astringents, but in plenty of cases, a dermatologist’s prescription includes medication in pill form to fight the acne from inside the body.


Ces traitements contre l'acné sont assez puissants et ne sont généralement conseillés qu'aux personnes qui ont essayé sans succès des produits en vente libre pour traiter leur acné. En plus des médicaments pour traiter l'acné, il existe des traitements au laser contre l'acné qui fonctionnent avec un laser pour envoyer de la lumière à travers la peau et activer les mécanismes naturels de lutte contre les bactéries du corps. Il en résulte des éruptions moins nombreuses et moins graves.

Le traitement laser de l'acné n'est pas particulièrement douloureux. Les personnes qui ont eu recours à ce remède décrivent la sensation comme celle de se faire casser par un anneau de caoutchouc. Et il n'affecte pas les activités quotidiennes normales. Bien que le visage puisse sembler légèrement gonflé et rouge, ces troubles s'estompent généralement quelques heures ou quelques jours après le traitement au laser. L'inconvénient, c'est que les traitements laser contre l'acné ne sont pas abordables. Un traitement unique des seules joues coûte environ $275. Et comme il faut quatre traitements pour améliorer réellement l'acné, le coût est d'environ $1100 uniquement pour les lèvres.


For people who’ve endured acne before and today have profound, atrophic scars, there’s something known as a laser acne scar treatment which may reduce those scars and make the skin look smooth and healthy. The scar removal works with a laser to be able to trigger the body to generate new skin in that area, thereby filling in the scar. This, also, is extremely expensive, costing about the same as the acne laser treatments. However, as there are so many different acne treatments available on the market these days, everyone has a far better probability of locating the right solution for their acne.