Crise de panique dans un lieu public. Femme souffrant de troubles de panique en ville. Concept de psychologie, solitude, peur ou problèmes de santé mentale. Personne triste et déprimée entourée de personnes marchant dans une rue animée.

Vous ne pouvez pas parler de votre maladie mentale ?

Dear friend, many thanks for the interest, but I cannot give out, for I fear you will not understand. And when you’ll understand even, me thinking you do not or can’t won’t help me start to you, nor does it ever help if you are thought by me could possibly be judging me without letting on. You almost certainly won’t recognize that thinking, you do not understand. In the event that you did understand even, I couldn’t realize why you’ll, and I’d battle to believe you.


C'est pourquoi, nous avons un vrai problème si vous voulez que je le fasse ou si vous attendez de moi que je le fasse sincèrement. Et ne me mettez pas la pression. et je pourrais m'ouvrir pour vous jamais, s'il y a une chance que je le puisse, ou encore jamais. Il pourrait sembler que vous puissiez m'aider - seulement si je partageais. Comme c'est le cas, dans mon état actuel, je ne peux pas voir comment vous pouvez aider, et quand je pourrais même voir, et que vous pourriez réellement aider, je lutterais pour vous permettre de m'aider. Cela semble impossible de l'intérieur.

But, EASILY think it’s absurd, how may i otherwise expect one to think. Yet, to greatly help, you would have to convince me that you do understand actually. All the best with that! I cannot let you know what’s happening, I could start just, but I’d also find myself setting it up wrong then, and just about anything you’d say could possibly be wrong. Those that do help also say many unhelpful things even. It’s great they continue steadily to try, The great thing for them is they can not tell just how much some things they state hurt. But, it doesn’t help me. because I doubt the power is had by me.


Breathing may be the challenge of the entire minute at this time. Breathing and together holding my lamentable life. See, You do not understand it! Well, how can you expect me to comprehend? Even though I did so share it will be brief and I couldn’t offer you my whole heart on the problem, because I have no idea how to locate it. THE INDIVIDUAL Fighting Depression and Anxiety.


Being invited in to the heart of an individual fighting mental illness is its miracle. but cannot feel in the home ever. Recognize that you can’t understand, there, understanding begins to emerge. The guilt experienced by people that have mental illness is portion of the nagging problem. Recognize that guilt is really a valid emotion, albeit unhealthy, to possess one’s incapacity. Recognize that your brain games they endure are exhausting and unrelenting. Let this not be considered a discouragement to stop reaching and listening out. It serves because the opposite. Listeners, but that alone is really a helpful place to begin.