Quel est le problème avec l'acné ?

Since I was a teenager I’ve had little de . As one goes off new ones come out from nowhere wreak havoc on my adolescent encounter. As an adult, its not so pleasant . The fantastic thing about being an adult is that you can do to learn what exactly causes this and how do you prevent it in the first location.


What I’ve discovered during my study is that acne is a disorder caused by the action of hormones and other compounds on the skin’s glandes (glandes sébacées) et follicles. Acne occurs when the hair follicle pores become clogged with secreted oil and dead skin cells. Each follicle is attached to sebaceous glands which secrete a substance called sebum that normally lubricates the skin and hair, but in the case of acne, it clogs up the pores leaving to bacterial buildup. This is how you wind up with the beautiful and other “bustables”.

Makes right?

The very same hormones that turn you into a person causes unsightly blemishes set can only be described as unsightly. Generally speaking, acne lesions usually occur on the face, , chest, back, and shoulders. In my case it has always been around the zone. Je me souviens qu'à l'âge de 14 ans, je regardais ce gros bouton sur mon menton en me disant "Je pourrais le faire éclater facilement". Cela n'a jamais été aussi facile. La puissance d'écrasement que j'appliquais sur mon menton a juste provoqué la dispersion du problème. Je savais que je ne devais pas le faire, mais ça ne m'a jamais arrêté.

If I thought something could come out I had been all over it! Now I keep the battle wounds of my adolescent years on my chin. Although acne is generally not a significant health threat, it may be a source of significant psychological distress. Severe acne can result in permanent scarring and thus don’t be rough with your skin it will not give you a hand in the long term. After years of study in the intricate area of , acne remedies are more perplexing than ever. The big-name manufacturers reveal their brand name her throat down through their enormous advertising campaigns that you feel as if their products are the only means to look after your skin. This isn’t true in any respect.


By following the principles of basic hygiene, you can prevent those mad breakouts. You might not be able to stop multiple from rearing their ugly little whiteheads but you can fight them with the ideal weapon. Remember the root of acne. Use and stop the causes of acne from taking control.


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