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You may disagree, but hear me out on this. Mineral water benefits are very real and you’ll be much healthier when you drink mineral water frequently. Let’s start proving that in the easy end by listing the minerals are present in great excellent mineral water. Magnesium, for a start. It’s used as the body’s pressure reducer and additionally, it makes the immune system stronger.

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Then there’s chloride which assists in the digestion process by regulating and maintaining those acids in our stomach and intestines. Sulfate is just another life-giving mineral found in great mineral water. It strengthens teeth and bones. Iron is another one, and we must have it to transport oxygen around our body. Then there’s calcium, which many mineral waters contain. As most of us know it’s essential in strengthening teeth and bone mass.

OK, let get some more evidence. Let’s look closer at the first mineral on the list, magnesium. It’s worth talking about in a bit more depth as it plays an integral role in several biological processes through its role in enzyme activities. You can view this by simply looking through a brief list of the actions where magnesium plays an important role in our health: it’s important in energy production, neuromuscular excitability, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, protein and nucleic acid metabolism.

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Some people when talking about mineral water advantages go on to maintain magnesium should be taken in larger doses as we age, or come under increased stress. Personally I am not certain on there, but it’s clear from research that if we do not have sufficient magnesium we can have difficulties with osteoporosis, hypertension and atherosclerotic vascular diseases. Given all this, there’s a rather disturbing trend in america population health statistics. Since the 1950 magnesium intake has dropped.

One hundred years ago we used to have a daily intake of 450 – 480 mg per day. There are believed to be several causes of the drop in intake: we’re now eating more elegant, fat-rich, processed foods; we have from the rural towns to the towns; andour lifestyles are now more driven by the demands of modern jobs. Whatever the reason, you and your household should be sure that you’re getting enough minerals in your drinking water.

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Magnesium-rich mineral waters give substantial quantities of calorie-free magnesium. The same is true for all of the organic, essential minerals found in pure water. You’ll have the ability to benefit from this to your family if you put in one of the fantastic mineral revitalization water purification methods which are in the marketplace. Notice I said you will need a fantastic system.

To acquire the mineral water advantages of magnesium along with the other essential minerals, you’ll need to receive a purification system which leaves the minerals from the water. Not all do. Avoid the popular reverse osmosis water purification systems, by way of instance, as they eliminate dirt and some compounds but at exactly the same time strip out each and every mineral in the water. These crucial minerals were dissolved deep in the ground by the water which rises up and becomes our drinking water for a very good reason — they’re healthy and nourishing. We absolutely have to have them for our bodies to function healthily.

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