Anti acne phototherapy with professional equipment. Beautiful woman in beauty salon during photo rejuvenation procedure. Laser face skin treatment at cosmetic clinic.

Existe-t-il des types d'acné ?

Acne vulgaris may be the most common type of acne which include various kinds pimples. This kind of acne could cause blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, It occurs in blocked pores particularly. Sebum that may cause oily skin, but is dried oil due to the pigments in your skin exposure to air.

Le saviez-vous ?

Blackheads shall have a very long time to get rid of. A whitehead is really a small white bump on your skin which has not opened at the top of your skin. Unlike blackheads, It formed whenever a pore is blocked completely, trapping sebum, causing a white appearance at first glance. and could exacerbate scarring.

Pustules act like whiteheads, but are inflamed. They appear as red circles with a yellow or white center. They’re what a lot of people call zits or pimples. Squeezing or popping a pustule is proscribed equally.

Nodules are hard lumps within the surface of your skin which may be painful and last for many months. Nodules are much bigger than those mentioned previously. This kind of acne is susceptible to scarring particularly, so it’s advisable to possess it treated by way of a dermatologist.

But is filled up with pus, It could be painful. Cysts could cause permanent scarring. Dermatologists have means of lessening swelling and preventing scarring often, so consult the dermatologist. All these are main forms of acne. Each having another cause.