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Existe-t-il des secrets de super santé ?

Ever wonder which superfoods are really the best? What would your health and performance look like if you ate the best foods on the planet? Continue reading and I’ll give a quick overview of superfood superstar performers and their uses. Everyone loves chocolate, right?


In its original form, is the highest food source for PEA, the feel-good pleasure chemical. Cacao is the best food source of magnesium, the most severe mineral deficiency in western countries. It also contains large amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin C and amino acid essential for brain function.

Pollen d'abeille

It is rich in every trace mineral and all 14 essential amino acids for mental peak performance.  It adds a unique and complex flavour to smoothies, and, depending on where it comes from it can have valuable medicinal properties. Because pollen grains are very porous, it is best to find wild-crafted pollens from areas that are clean and free of pollutant.


Higher altitudes are more likely to have better sources. This unique hormone-building yam from Alto Plano Peru has been used for centuries to build strength, stamina, and virility for high altitude warriors. These berries are rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and lutein. These hardy fruits are rich in minerals and unusually high-protein and taste like a cherry or a raisin.


It is a great snack and is so loved for their longevity benefits, there’s even an annual Goji festival in Tibet.

Did you Know?

To increase the mineral density and vitamin production of your Wheatgrass juice, you can use sea water concentrate. This yields a rich, intense juice from grass that almost glows with vitality. Wheatgrass is a complex flavor and can be difficult to mix with other things. It’s like a health food version to tequila. It is a nutritionally dense alternative for fish oils, with high levels of essential fat acids and valuable Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids.

This little berry, also known as Camu Camu (from the Amazon basin), was discovered only 20 years ago. It is the highest source of Vitamin C in nature. Camu is a tart, pink, pink berry that tastes like sherbet. It’s great in smoothies with fresh fruits or berries.