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Are There Natural Treatments For Sinus Problems?

Sinus symptoms can make it difficult to enjoy life fully. Nasal irrigation is a safe and natural way to relieve sinus pains and congestion. This method of clearing the nasal passages and sinuses of bacteria and debris can be traced back to ancient India. It is a self-care strategy that is relatively new in the United States but is rapidly gaining popularity. It can be used as a treatment or prevention measure.

Irrigation nasale

It is essentially a way to clean your sinuses with mild saltwater or saline. This simple and natural sinus cleansing method is easy to use, even though it sounds complicated. The saline solution is used to restore nasal moisture and reduce inflammation. Numerous scientific studies have shown that regular saline irrigation can thin mucus, reduce post nasal drip, and clean your passages of bacteria.

The Neti Pot nasal irrigation device is simple to use. It can be found in natural food markets, natural home-care catalogs, and online. It is a small, flat teapot or a genie’s lamp. It comes in a variety materials such as ceramic, stainless-steel, and plastic.

Saline Solutions

There are saline solutions that are specifically designed for nasal irrigation. These solutions are known as “isotonic” when they mimic the same salt concentrations in the body. Most over-the-counter salicylic solutions are isotonic. You might consider a “hypertonic” solution of saline, which contains a higher concentration of salt than the body’s tissue.

Research suggests that a hypertonic solution may be able to pull more liquid from the nose’s swollen tissue, improving breathing. Many sinus sufferers have tried hypertonic remedies, but most prefer isotonic. No matter what treatment you choose, keeping your nose moist can help with almost any sinus or nasal problem.

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Remember that your sinus condition can change from one season to the next. You may need to try different saline solutions each season until you find the right combination that keeps your sinuses clear and prevents infection. The Neti pot comes with a small spout which fits into your nostril. Simply rotate your head and tip it over the sink to pour the solution into the nostril. The solution will then drain through your nasal cavity.

The fluid will drain through one nostril. You then need to spit it out and continue the process on the opposite side. Your doctor may recommend nasal irrigation once daily to prevent infection, and twice to four times daily if you have a sinus infection or a cold.


Nasal irrigation is not only beneficial, but it also feels great. If you’ve ever suffered from a congested, stuffy nose for days, you know how great it is to be able to breathe again and get relief. Nasal irrigation can help you achieve exactly that.