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Am I Suffering From Tension Or Migraine Headaches?

Nearly everyone has experienced a headache. However, there are people who have learned how to get rid of them. These headaches are often caused by stress, depression, or anxiety. Tension headaches are the most common type. Tension headaches can be caused by tightening muscles in the jaw, neck, scalp, shoulders, and neck. Tension headaches are more common in those who work too hard, aren’t able to sleep enough, eat poorly, or drink alcohol. Although most headaches don’t have serious underlying causes or symptoms, those that do need immediate medical attention are rare.

Severe Headache

A severe headache could be a sign that you have meningitis. The migraine headaches are the most common headaches among women. Migraines can be caused by a brain disorder, neck vertebrae shifting, anxiety, or other causes. Temporal arthritis is a condition in which blood vessels in the skull become inflamed and cause headaches that are tender to the temple or scalp in elderly people.

Why is headaches so common? Because they disrupt our daily lives, headaches become a common problem. A headache can be a bother, and it can take the joy out of living. A headache can make it difficult to focus on your task. Headaches can reduce your awareness and cause tunnel vision. This is a condition where you focus on your pain and not the world around you.


A recent survey found that seven out of ten people experience at least one headache per year. Most headaches last only for a few hours. However, some headaches can last for several weeks. Migraine headaches can be severe and can last for days. Nearly forty-five millions Americans suffer from chronic headaches. These headaches can cause severe headaches, which can last for days and cause a lot of misery.

The majority of headaches are caused by anxiety and neurosis. Although many people may deny they are neurotic, it does not change the fact that they are. Neurosis is often diagnosed by denial. People don’t know how nervous they are or how much anxiety or stress they have. Day to day, they stress about their children, their school, their job, and their relationships.

Stress Factor

Stress can cause tension in the neck and shoulders, which can lead to imbalances in the muscles that hold the neck vertebra in its place. This can cause severe or simple headaches. If you are suffering from recurring headaches, it is worth taking the time to get a neck and shoulder massage every now and again. To relieve the muscle imbalances that can lead to headaches, you can also get a chiropractic neck adjustment.

Although headaches can be caused by many things, they are not usually serious. Sometimes, headaches can indicate a more serious condition. If you experience a severe headache or a sudden onset, it is important to seek medical attention immediately to determine if it is a sign of a more serious condition.