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A Migraine Without Headache?

Migraine without headache occurs for some individuals, This total leads to throbbing headache, using one side of the top usually. However, whenever a migraine without headache occurs, alcohols and wines, smoking, and food additives. Migraine without headache is called silent migraine.


The individual will still have the “aura” of migraine attack. Therefore, In some social people, migraines without headache might occur in life later, to people that have no history of experiencing acute headaches even. However, symptoms may occur at any age, to children and adolescents even.

Women suffer more migraine episodes than men generally, due to hormone changes during menstrual periods possibly. You can find different method and methods to manage migraine without headache. Some people would like non-prescription drugs although some may choose alternative remedies such as for example cold compress or simply by sleeping before migraine wears off.

To control migraine without headache effectively, write down information during or following a migraine episode. Be descriptive as you possibly can. Or even, The theory would be to gather specific info on the individuals migraine history and invite medical specialist to get a broader picture of what the individual experiences. This is a matter of successful management that the individual may endure less.