Closeup Gotu Kola leaves ( Asiatic pennywort, Indian pennywort, Centella asiatica ) and bottle of essential oil extract isolated on wood table background. Tropical medical herbal plant concept.

Miten luonnollisesti Regrowth hiukset miehille?

It usually happens that a dad starts losing his hair on his mid-twenties, and now his siblings have started to go through the same around that time. If this sounds familiar, do not panic. Modern medicine and ancient wisdom can combine together into effective hair regrowth treatments that will bring […]

Attractive Asian woman serious about her brush for presentation hair loss problem and looking at comb

Mikä aiheuttaa naisten hiustenlähtöä?

Hair loss is devastating no matter what the motive, but if one’s medication is the culprit – it might be even more challenging to comprehend. This is often a real concern for anybody who’s diagnosed with cancer, as radiation and chemotherapy treatments are the most common cause of the sort […]

Asian woman hand holding hair loss falling on comb

Hiustenlähtö hiusten irtoamisesta?

The way your hair falls out is important in establishing the character of the problem. It’s necessary to ascertain whether the hair is thinning, falling by the roots (shedding) or the hair shafts are fracturing. Only after determining these variables it is possible to specify the particular hair disorder and […]

Tutkija lisää nestettä koeputkesta, jossa on palosymboli, varoitusmerkki, vaara

Tiesitkö tämän kemiallisesta myrkyllisyydestä aknehoidoissa?

Aknehoidoissa voi olla valikoima kemiallisia ainesosia, kuten säilöntäaineita, stabilisaattoreita ja keinotekoisia hajusteita. Yrityksen väitteistä huolimatta nämä aineet eivät välttämättä ole 100% turvallisia. Näiden kemiallisten ainesosien pitkäaikainen käyttö voi johtaa jatkuvaan matala-asteiseen ärsytykseen, kuivumiseen ja ihon nopeutuneeseen ikääntymiseen. Aloitetaan Valitettavasti puute [...]

Borneol camphor in black bowl ,althernative medicine

Do You Need An Overnight Acne Treatment?

People normally have dreams of getting rich overnight or turning into one of the most intelligent individuals on Earth in a jiffy, if they are not already, that is. But another, less lofty-sounding, yet very commonly dreamt wish is to locate a miracle overnight acne remedy! Acne can’t just cause […]

Asian family enjoy playing and cooking food in kitchen at home

Vaikuttaako ruokavalio akneen?

Antibiotics as a back acne remedy, creams for the face and numerous home remedies for the body, all to alleviate and heal acne, but is there a better way? Doctors and dermatologists alike have stated that there isn’t any direct link between acne and diet. But they’ve conceded that the […]