Selection of honey in small honey jars. Closeup view, toned image

Why Is Honey A Superfood?

Honey is first used as bee food. The sweet liquid nectar is sucked by bees as they hop from one flower to another, and stored in a special container sac. They return to their hive and transfer the liquid to other bees, who then ingest it and add their enzymes […]

Plastic scoops with olive oil and various healing herbs - dry parsley, marigold, lavender and dog rose flowers. Aromatherapy, herbal medicine and natural skin care concept. Top view, copy space.

Do We Want Bioflavonoids?

There’s an insect which makes food for humans plus they are the only types that can do it! Without doubt, you’ve crossed paths with a couple of in your day and perhaps it startled you, perhaps you got to evict them out of your home. Whatever the situation, the truth […]

Animal is sitting collecting in sunny summer sunflower. Important for environment ecology sustainability. Awareness of climate change.

Bee Pollen Or Royal Jelly?

There are a great number of consumable items we obtain from the bees such as fresh honey, propolis, bee loaf of bread, Most of these bee items have their own set of properties which are very good for human health. Occasionally you get to believe which of the bee items […]

raw organic royal jelly in a small bottle with flowers

Should I Take Royal Jelly In Honey?

Have you ever used royal jelly in honey? Some individuals prefer to perform this to improve the taste of refreshing royal jelly. These hive items are nutritious-rich bee items. They must be combined if one will be interested in boosting their power and general health. The duo cannot end up […]