Naisen käsi pitää aloe vera lehtiä geelillä, eräänlainen kasviperäinen lääke, jolla on monia käyttötarkoituksia terveydenhuollossa, myös orgaaninen kosmetiikka, ihonhoito

Miten hoitaa ei-toivottuja ihokasvustoja?

Unblemished beauty is obviously a thing of joy to possess and everybody wants to pose a clean, refreshing skin that excels in its best always. Unfortunately, sometimes this glow goes missing because of unwanted skin growths such as lumps, moles and warts in the body.

Skin care

Despite the fact that there’s absolutely no significant life-threatening hazard associated with these growths, they are thought of as negative factors capable of inducing a blemish on your beauty. Before continuing on to sift through the treatment options to treat them, it is going to be helpful to learn about their causes and preventative actions.

Most of these warts are caused by the HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. You will need to be cautious about these skin growths as they can be transmitted easily from an infected person through contact. There’s absolutely no definite area they affect although the common areas are face, neck, knees and arms. Most often, they attack the body of someone who has a weak immune system.


They readily enter the body through cracks in the skin and as soon as they start appearing, you understand that your immune system has taken a beating! Talking about the treatment choices, they vary from lotions, prescription medications or other kinds of ointments prepared from natural ingredients.

It’s a favorite habit among individuals suffering from such lumps or moles to find medical assistance from general practitioners that prescribe creams. In some badly affected instances, cutting by freezing them is a frequent practice. This is a painful method and is also likely to leave behind scars.

So, what’s a better option? Natural products prepared from herbs and herbal extracts are an effective solution for removal of warts and moles. Drinking about 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice added with water each morning boosts your immune system economically. The juice of Aloe Vera can be taken daily to offer help to your body in boosting the immunity power.


Moreover, you can make decent use of its antibacterial and antifungal nature by extracting the juice of the herb and applying it to the affected region of the epidermis. In due course, it is going to heal the warts and lumps. Oil of Oregano is also used like Aloe Vera. In a limited while, you will see an extremely visible effect since the undesirable skin growths are removed.