ruskea kana häkissä lähikuva

Tiesitkö nämä lintuinfluenssafaktat?

Only recently has the bird flu become such a widely publicized illness. Yet, in that moment, it has increased fear in many and left everybody with unanswered questions concerning it’s transmission, symptoms and treatment. Bird flu is thought to be spread through an infected bird’s saliva, nasal infusion and/or feces.


Otherwise healthy birds may contract the disease by turning into direct contact with an infected bird or via contact with a contaminated surface. Due in large part the infected birds are migratory, there’s growing concern that the bird flu can spread globally. Humans can contract bird flu directly from an infected bird, but few cases have been noted on potential human to human disease. This does not necessarily mean it is or isn’t possible, but instead that the specific methods of transmission aren’t yet all known.

The current procedure of bird flu prevention is to remove the infected animals upon the conclusion they’re infected. On occasion, animals that are considered to be infected can also be destroyed on a precautionary basis. This is done so as to protect fellow creatures and to prevent the general public from contracting the illness also.


Symptoms of bird flu may include those similar to a common cold, which might make them difficult to diagnose. A fever, cough, sore throat, achy muscles, breathing difficulties and even potential pneumonia are among the symptoms believed to indicate that a bird flu infection. Although no specialists know for sure, these are the possible warning signs. The reason that so much uncertainty surrounds this ailment is because it’s not yet fully known and hasn’t been thoroughly studied.

As to whether it is going to continue to propagate or will become the widespread illness which everyone fears isn’t known. The infected person’s immune system is going to have a large effect on the severity of the illness. Treatment of bird flu infection usually includes prescription drugs and the survival rate is 50 percent for those individuals who become infected.


Once infected, the bird flu virus is thought to travel through the body quickly. It follows that the onset of symptoms could be instantaneous and would call for quick action in the infected person. This report is designed to be used for informational purposes only. It’s not to be utilized in place of, or together with, professional medical advice or a physician’s recommendation. If any or all the above symptoms occur, people should consult a doctor for appropriate diagnosis and/or treatment.