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It’s not uncommon for people in the Appalachian area, particularly the elderly, to tell stories. Many of these tales are repeats of the same story. The retelling of these stories are important to these folks. The Appalachian people who travel small and have long standing memories of the home and family have to validate the efficacy of their lives. It’s a wonder to find a character revitalize when telling tales.

Mida teha?

The facial expressions, smiles, and voice manifestation is easily seen. A place of quiet reflection can be helpful when interacting with the elderly. Usually they will begin a conversation of known interest . It’s particularly important to allow this hobby or interest be a clue resulting in effective dialogue. Once this interest is established that the artwork of impartation of wisdom can start. The older have had years of experience in their pursuits and feel encouraged when educating these experiences as an act of impartation of wisdom.

Not only does this narrative telling of pursuits bring to light their feelings but may also result in reflections of how they perceive others’ acknowledge them. Acknowledgment felt by the older secures them a place inside the household. If emotional acuity is there it can be somewhat frightening when one feels a burden as a result of physical decline. Oft times bodily deterioration can come years before psychological acuity is diminished.

During these times the older may believe that they’re in the means of progress and are not useful anymore. Many older have been taught to “pull their load,” o r”do your own share of work,” which now evades them.


Memories of those teachings, albeit, honest teachings, can become excruciating with physical decline. This is a powerful time to use “impartation of wisdom” as an approach. Grandma is sitting in a seat being unable to walk much because of increased arthritis. She’s longing to plant a garden an walk in the area. She longs to make molasses and make homemade bread. Yet, she can hardly arise in the seat.

Her ideas are disheartening since her present condition disallows her to perform the tasks she performed so well. She has the wisdom and knowledge to tell others’ if they would just listen. I’ve seen how this “impartation of knowledge and wisdom” raises the mental alertness and helps the older feel they have a meaningful place within the household. It’s like a new monster emerges, something like the Phoenix arising from the ashes. In time, the departure of the wisdom tends to help facilitate the older person into a different phase in their life.


The “passing of knowledge and wisdom” assists the older person know that if they’re no longer here their teachings stay. In some way this brings a “holistic life span” to the individual. If family, especially family, ask these questions to an older family individual, the validation of the life will take root. The focus is less on fashion and more on pure wisdom in these moments. To an older person the notion of the impartation of wisdom becoming more significant than the ads on television is a healing thought.

Moments of effective dialogue by household might be directly proportional to decreasing melancholy that stems from lack of self esteem. The elderly may have minutes that saying of the religion needs attention. Although not all older have expressed a direct faith or faith encounter, they might have some internal feelings on the topic. They may express words which speak of eternity or the hereafter.

Listen carefully

It’s in moments like this you may use the approaches of effective listening and permit expression. Many times an older person will talk as though they’re talking in the long run and at exactly the exact same sentence as though they’re gone! The family could have missed the moment of letting the older individual speak of their religion or expression of their passing. Validation of a life lived and that validation expressed by family as a fantastic life can help reduce isolation and depression in an older individual.

Many times isolation and depression can be diminished when pleasurable memories are revived by telling tales. Many times depression can be diminished when reflections of religion are allowed expression.


Both these approaches are useful as it brings to the persons thoughts that they are an essential member of their family. They are aware that they hold much wisdom which needs passed on to members of the loved ones. They also know that impartation of faith values might require exploration, and if permitted, they hold this wisdom. When these expressions are permitted, the individual’s life reflects a positive reinforcement and depression may deteriorate or decrease.


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