Kuidas võita hooajalist depressiooni?

Megacity keeps people in the state of constant . A whole lot of tavaliselt viib teid otse depressioonini, eriti kui suvi on läbi ja ees on pikk sügis ja talv ning pole puhkust. Ainus valdkond, kus me saame pärast pikka rasket päeva linnas on meie enda kodud.

Tee seda!

Psychologists advise to take care of your interior decoration and design very seriously, particularly if you reside in a huge city. Such words such as”warm, comfy, comfy interior” are not merely designer stipulations. Try to stick to these rules, and you’ll feel the difference. 1. Choose the interior design that suits you. Some of the interior designs are emotionally comfortable and capable to produce the of warmth and coziness. Keep in , sa pead end mugavalt tundma iseendast, mida sa oled loonud, ära järgi trende, sest need on "moes".

Shortly, this is our ancestors’ style of living, although it’s not that cheap any more. On the contrary, nowadays, to make eco style you will need to have sufficient cash in your pocket. This style is using made from natural materials – solid wood, linen, jute. The valgustid on valmistatud puidust raamidest, riisipaberist ja looduslikest kangastest.

Nad väidavad, et sellistel asjadel on "eriline ” that’s good not only for your own body, but also for your soul. This style is very similar to Eco style though it uses more decorative components determined by which county-side you would like to make – Southern France, Tuscany, or Greek Mediterranean. Accessories are extremely important here – wrought iron chandeliers, table cloths with laces, curtains with floral pattern. In the kitchen place dried herbs, and pepper on the walls or make “ikebana” made of little pumpkins, squashes and . Siin on võimalik kombineerida kaasaegset mööblit Veneetsia lühtritega, rustikaalset kappi Murano klaasvaasidega.

Another fantastic idea

kombineerige ühel seinal unikaalsed suveniirid, mida tõite kohad, kuhu reisite - juba ainuüksi selle seina vaatamine täidab teid täieliku elutunde. Suurepärane viis muuta oma alive is to use some accessories made by you. Nowadays there’s lot of resources for creativity: craft shops, books, websites, TV shows. You believe the lampshades on your desk lamps are too plain? Buy beaded rings in the fabric store and paste them up to the borders of the shades. Tired of your antique drapes? Create a “batik” style cloth and create the new look for your windows. A Real home is the home that reflects the life span of many generations, the home where the things understand their areas without even asking a designer.


Need pisikesed asjad muudavad kodu luksuslikest hotellitubadest erinevaks. Ärge kiirustage uude majutusasutusse kolimise ajal kõike ära visata. pictures, souvenirs, or your Grandma’s old floor lamp in”colonial style” can enable you to fill a chilly home with warm feelings of the folks who love you. If you include pets, the kodus küpsetatud kena välimusega teid humoorikas esikus - see täiendab portree kõige hubasemast kodust maa peal.


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