Mida teha depressiooni vastu?

Kui te olete terrori ohver, s.t. kui keegi või paljud inimesed on teile kohutaval viisil kahju tekitanud, mis teid tõesti tappis, siis peate mõistma, et üksikisikud on koletised, sest kellegi psüühika suurim osa kuulub antiteadvusele, mis on üsna vägivaldne, nagu näiteks loom. See on kuri loom, kes võib mõelda, kuid kellel ei ole tundeid.


You must continue life and go on, although you think you can’t continue after what happened to you. If you abandon your conflict in life, you may eliminate everything. You need to continue and become a hero in the long run. This is what is going to transform your pain into a medication for the future generations. Your case will save others and your misfortune will save you since you won’t be a ruined person but you’ll be living and will find your pleasure even after so much hardship.

You are able to find relief and advice by interpreting your own dreams. This will be extremely valuable for you and will provide you courage to continue. Don’t waste your time and energy hating your enemies. Forgive them since they’re wild animals. Wouldn’t you “forgive” a lion if it killed someone you loved very much? The lion has no idea about what it’s doing as it kills prey. This is precisely the same with the individual, though we have the belief that people are aware of what they do when they commit crimes.

They’re dominated by the anti-conscience that’s still alive in the mind and has no human emotions. Human nature is extremely sad. Humans have to cultivate it through sacrifice and understanding, but nobody wants to understand the way to be good. The false goodness which characterizes some people within our society is based on selfish interests, pride, exhibition, etc.. It’s not pure contribution; it isn’t real human help. However, you need to be different because you are a victim and you are aware of how terrible things are if you’re in that position. You need to be sensitive and assist others.


This mindset will help you tremendously. By helping others, you may feel powerful and will forget your own issues. You may even confirm that there are individuals in this world who suffer situations worse than those that you had to endure. Start writing down your dreams and learn how to interpret them. The exceptional method that is really going to help you decipher the mysterious fantasy language was detected by Carl Jung and simplified by me, once I continued his research. This method will reveal ways to communicate with the unconscious that is actually directed by God, who’s a highly evolved conscience. If you do not like to be spiritual you can think about the unconscious just as a superior brain that can guide you and help you overcome your depression.


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