Kuidas mõjutab stress füüsilist tervist?

is often an overused expression, but for good reason. The body’s reaction to perceived stressors can be life changing. For people who don’t have a powerful system to handle those answers, stress can rule behaviour. It sets up a scenario where one chooses the path of least resistance as a means of coping.

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Many folks lead unhealthy lives, even though they consciously know and understand the options that would be more beneficial and wholesome. Much of the irony is because of using a poorly managed stress reaction. When under pressure, and confronted with the increased anxiety it attracts, people won’t decide to do things that they deem unpleasant, uncomfortable or hard. Familiar on lihtsam tagasi pöörduda, kui püüda rakendada uut tegutsemisviisi. Tervislikest eluviisidest saab lihtsalt veel üks "asi", mida tuleb teha, kõik valmis ülerahvastatud nimekirjas.

Kahjuks on selline halb , fuels the obesity epidemic. The hectic pace where people decide to live, together with poor to no anxiety management methods, can bring on a”just keeping my head above the ,” mentality. When barely staying afloat emotionally, who would like to weigh themselves down with new challenging tasks? The answer is no one. Even clever, otherwise perceptive, folks can fall victim to this insidious issue.


What a individual perceives as stressful and how they respond to this,”stress” is quite individual. There’s a genetic, ecological, and character component that produces ones stress response. This may be changed by implementing behavioral techniques intended to assist you recognize and neutralize your common stress triggers. Today, overloaded, stressed and disconnected are common side effects of rapid living, but they don’t have to be.

Paljude arstivisiitide puhul on vastus, et "Võib-olla olete liiga palju stressis". Sellele vastab enamik: "See on võimatu, mul on kõik korras." Asi on selles, et kuigi keegi võib füüsiliselt hakkama saada, võib ta psühholoogiliselt hätta jääda. Selline "süsteemi ülekoormus" väljendub füüsilistes sümptomites. See on keha viis öelda, et aeglustage ja hoolitsege minu eest paremini! Kuid vähesed kuulavad. Selle asemel otsivad nad et nad saaksid jätkata kiiret liikumist, kuid samas suudaksid eirata oma keha palveid aeglustada.

Sümptomite algpõhjusega tegelemata jätmine on lihtsalt lappide panemine auklikule probleemile. . See ei saa kunagi paraneda, kuni te ei tegele sellega, mis põhjustab emotsionaalset ülekoormust esimeses kohas. Tavaliselt on see võime puudulikkus korrektselt prognoosida ja käsitleda stressireaktsiooni. Stress algab or event that produces an emotional reaction. This triggers a physiological response that starts the fight or flight reaction. Understanding this process may cause predictability, and predictability is in the center of learning to lower your emotional reaction to stressors.

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Developing awareness during anxious moments and times that you grow irritated, angry, or impatient is vital. Observing what happens, without passing judgment, can help shift your perspective. Immediately recognizing and acknowledging the source of your upset (the cause ) activates the believing part of the (the prefrontal cortex), which to this point has just been responding (a hindbrain function).

This simple step permits you to consider the situation from a renewed perspective. You may then insert mindfulness techniques as you slow your breathing. When you intentionally slow your breathing, and be aware of your body, your will obviously start to return to normal also. Start by doing a fast body check, an easy sense , starting at your feet, and working your way around the shoulders and . Bring awareness into every area; feel your feet in your shoes, relax and bend. Then move up to your calves, etc.

Lõdvestage õlad ja vabastage kaela pinge, kui hingate sügavalt sisse nina kaudu ja suu kaudu välja. Selline harjutus katkestab kehas alanud stressitsükli. See on omamoodi psühholoogiline ja füüsiline konditsioneerimine, mille eesmärk on aidata luua tasakaalustatum vastus sarnastele tingimustele.


Kui olete stabiilne, siis on palju tõenäolisem, et te sooritate tervislikke käitumisviise, millest te teate, et need on teile kasulikud. Tunnistades, tunnustades ja muutes on a regular basis, can rewire your psychological pathways developing a new default pattern. It can help you cultivate more of mind and will make living the healthy lifestyle you’re thinking about, not just more accessible, but also more sustainable.


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