Depressiivne ärinaine, kes hoiab oma pead valusalt kinni, kui ta sööb kontoris lõunasöögiks köögiviljasalatit.

Kas on olemas hea migreeni dieet?

In treating migraine, health practitioners always advocate that patients follow a healthy diet coupled with sufficient . This is to help keep the body in its best level, to better deal with the symptoms of this . Nevertheless, most migraine sufferers wish that their doctors could lay out a plan for them to follow to heal the migraine, a successful migraine diet.


Nii nagu ei ole ühtegi for migraine, there’s also no particular migraine diet. However, a healthy diet does exist, one that is going to make someone feel better and will help prevent certain diseases. This diet, which can be suggested for migraine sufferers, consists mostly of , vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy products, lean , nuts and . In making food choices, however, the migraine food triggers should be taken under account. Yogurt, legumes and nuts are known to start a migraine attack.

If a migraineur has identified his trigger, it needs to be left out of the migraine diet. There are particular foods to avoid too, like those rich in saturated fats, sugar and salt. Colas, eggs, and cakes belong . Alcohol is to be shunned as well. For migraineurs, this wouldn’t be a challenging thing to do because red beer and wine are common triggers. Some ingredients that are blended with regular food need to be removed from the diet but this is more challenging to do since they aren’t visible.

Võtke teadmiseks

These compounds are tyramine found in legumes, nuts, beans and yogurt; nitrates used to preserve meats and found in hotdogs and bacon; MSG, a flavor enhancer widely used in Chinese dishes, phenylethylamine found in chocolate, garlic and onion. Determining a food trigger requires ja energiat. Migreenihaiged reageerivad toidule erinevalt. On võimalik, et ühel inimesel võib üks toiduaine alustada rünnakut, samal ajal kui teise mõjutamiseks on vaja paljude toiduainete kombinatsiooni. Lihtne vahend vallandaja tuvastamiseks on migreenipäeviku pidamine, kuhu kantakse üles söödud toidud ja rünnakute esinemine.

Mõne kuu pärast on ohvril võime leida muster, millist toitu vältida. Rekord ei tunne mitte ainult põhjuseid, vaid ka seda, kas on täiendavaid muutujaid, mis samuti põhjustavad migreeni, näiteks vahelejäänud söögikorrad või menstruatsiooniperioodid. Põhjuste ja streikide vahelised seosed muutuvad dokumentatsiooni abil ilmsemaks. Kui seos teatud liiki toidu ja migreeni vahel on kindlaks tehtud, peaks kannatanu seejärel püüdma need oma toidust mitmeks nädalaks eemaldada.

Food removal is to be accomplished in a phase by phase procedure in order to not create abrupt changes in the individual’s lifestyle. Further, one needs to make sure essential minerals and continue to be taken in adequate quantities. Records of food and prevalence of attacks should nevertheless be kept. Most of all, this needs to be carried out only after consultation with the doctor. For the migraineur, it’s essential not just to eat right but to consume it in the ideal time and in the ideal way. This is the key to finding the proper migraine diet.