Lähivõtte fersh toorest meti taime või lambaläätse taimest pruunil puitpinnal.

Kas kodu õiguskaitsevahendid kurguvalu töö?

A sore throat, also known as strep throat, is a sensation of pain in the back of your throat that gets worse when you talk or swallow. It could be caused by infection of bacteria, yeast, or a virus. Huffy throat can also be caused by excessive shouting or allergies.

Keep into account

It is not a serious condition so most people can either use over-the-counter medicines or home remedies that have no side effects. Gargling with salt water is a great home remedy for sore throat. It has been used for many years. Gargle with a teaspoonful of common salt in warm water for 2 to 3 times daily.

Common salt is a good disinfectant agent. It helps reduce swelling in the throat. Warm water helps to relieve congestion and makes the person feel better quickly. A good home remedy for a sore throat is to add a pinch of pepper powder and turmeric powder to some milk. This concoction is a home remedy for sore throats.

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Basil leaves can be crushed and boiled in water to soothe a sore throat. The basil leaves are roughly crushed and boiled in water. This concoction can be used to gargle internally or externally. People suffering from huffy or stuffy throats can also get relief from the juice made from basil leaves and a pinch of turmeric powder.

A good home remedy for sore throat is cinnamon, which is often found in homes. It can be boiled in warm water with honey and a pinch of pepper powder. Small children can mix cinnamon with honey and a pinch turmeric powder to relieve a sore throat. Fenugreek seed is also good for sore throats. Boil a few fenugreek leaves in half a liter water.


After a while, the fenugreek seed will be fully cooked and the essence of the water has dissolved. Gargling with this water 2 to 3 times per day is a good home remedy. A mango tree’s bark is a good home remedy for sore throat. Because of the hard texture of the bark, extracting its juice is difficult. To help ease your sore throat, you can add a teaspoonful mango tree oil to hot water and gargle at regular intervals.