Atractiva mujer joven siendo hipnotizada mientras está sentada en el sofá de su casa

¿Por qué debe evitar la hipnosis para perder peso?

Does self hypnosis for weight loss actually work? The reality isthis is an area getting a growing number of attention recently, as people seem to believe that hypnosis is the key to their life’s issues. The fundamental assumption behind self hypnosis is that you’re placed into an altered state where your subconscious mind is allegedly more receptive to positive beliefs.

Why not?

Sounds good in assumption, but in the real world it doesn’t fly. The thing about self hypnosis for weight loss is that it goes in supposing that there’s some psychological reason you can not drop those pounds. Usually, however, this is not the case-it’s merely bad habits. You aren’t overweight as you think about being obese, or because you feel you can’t shed weight-you are overweight because of poor eating and exercise habits.

Moreover, if you have failed in the past to shed some pounds, the response still does not lie on your beliefs-it was just bad technique, in all likelihood. The reason most people don’t lose weight is they don’t have specific goals and reasons for wanting to shed weight, and because they jump right into it too fast. Many individuals try to begin losing weight by getting rid of all their favourite foods immediately, and embarking on a few enormous, torturous workout regime. To make it worse, they start both programs at the same time, further reducing their odds of success. It’s been demonstrated that to effectively change a habit, you want to only concentrate on one thing at a time, and do it slowly.

As an example, rather than trying to modify your diet and exercise habits at exactly the exact same time, begin with one or another, and make the changes slowly. If you attempt to modify your diet and workout routines more slowly, you’ll be almost certain to succeed. For instance, if you’re goal is to be a vegan (which I strongly recommend, by the way) you could cut a quarter out of your meat consumption this week, a quarter another week, etc. This is a much more likely way that will assist you succeed, rather than changing negative mental beliefs which really are not there in the first location. To sum this up, hypnosis is simply another instance of the get rich quick doctrine. This is because lots of individuals only need to come in, have their thoughts altered, and essentially shed weight without trying.


Losing weight will take commitment, irrespective of which methods you use, and hypnosis just does not deal with the issues. There’s absolutely not any psychological reason that you aren’t losing weight; its’ only awful technique. Self hypnosis for weight loss should be prevented. Too many people, in my view, spend their time doing things to change their faith, once the real issue is not their thought process, it is either bad technique or not taking action in any respect. Self hypnosis for weight loss is truly just a simple way out, and there isn’t any reason to waste money or time with it.