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¿Qué superalimentos me ayudarán a vivir más tiempo?

Some foods are called “super-foods” as they are full of goodness, both nutritionally and in calories. They are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, which keep us healthy. These foods are natural and have many health benefits.


These include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, beans, and many other herbs and spices. These foods are known to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, slow down aging, help people lose weight, live longer, and prevent degenerative diseases. If they are not controlled, free radicals can cause havoc in your body.

They are naturally produced by metabolism but can be multiplied by environmental factors like pollution, radiation and cigarette smoking. An overload of free radicals can also be caused by stress and a diet high in fats. You can arm your body with the defense against free radicals by eating plenty of fruits and nuts.

Polen de abeja

It is one the oldest superfoods known to mankind. It was used in religious ceremonies by the Indians, and for medicinal purposes by Babylonians back in 1000 B.C. Its health benefits were first noted by Egyptians in 5500 BC. Modern science discovered the benefits of bee pollen in extending life span when Russian beekeepers who ate honey rich in bee Pollen were able to live past 100 years.

Herbs are more than just culinary enhancements. They are now recognized for their medicinal properties. They balance the body and improve immunity so that the body can fight disease and heal itself. Herbs have been used for centuries to replenish nutrients lost or needed by the body. Herbs can be used in natural homeopathic remedies and should be a part of your daily diet for good health maintenance.


These have a lot more calcium than milk, and 8 times more that beef. Because their chemical composition is similar in nature to human blood plasma, seaweeds are often used to improve blood flow or cleanse the blood. Because they are rich in nutrients found in the ocean, seaweeds are considered super-foods. Super-foods can be beneficial to the body in many ways. However, it is important to consult your doctor before you start taking super-foods. Avoid self-diagnosis or using super-foods as self-medication. They should be used only to supplement the advice of your doctor.