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¿Qué alimentos causan acné?

The frequent cause for acne breakouts is food allergies. Your body is sensitive to different sorts of food and a few foods that cause acne may cause an allergic response. This results in causing inflammation in the skin that can further lead to clogging of the pores. Once the pores are clogged, the germs finds this condition appropriate to grow and hence acne is formed.

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Certain foods cause cystic acne that’s quite tricky to treat. It’s difficult to identify a specific food that causes acne nevertheless below are a few kinds that might be causing it. Foods that cause acne include dairy products. Studies by different researchers have suggested that dairy products can have a negative influence on the skin; milk being one of the substantial causes of acne breakout.

The main cause for this is that the fat content as well as the hormones found in milk. Consumption of dairy products frequently can cause the condition to grow worse. You love milk and cereal, but it might make you breakout with blemishes. Pasteurized and homogenized milk comprises mucus that lines the small intestine. Absorption of nutrients, inhibited by mucous, is due to the small intestines.

Also, cows are constantly being injected with hormones. Instead try yogurt that’s made of non-pasteurized milk. Dairy products not just slow down the digestion but also have reactions with different sorts of food. Homogenized or pasteurized milk may result in the formation of mucus which has side effects. Dairy cows are also always fed with high levels of antibiotics to make the most of their milk production.


These hormones and antibiotics have a tendency to enter your body when you have milk. Out of all the dairy products, yogurt is the one which won’t permit you to get acne because yogurt is fermented somewhat. Its consumption is much more advisable than milk. If your skin is acne prone or in case you have acne it’s strongly recommended that you cut down on your dairy product intake as dairy products are full of fat. First, consider butter, cheese,and ice cream. They spell fat. Their foundation is milk and milk is full of calcium.

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It comprises a high number of fatty acid. As you heard, too much fat can make you breakout. Secondly, the milk consumed normally comes from cows that are pregnant. The milk from cows that are pregnant contains hormones. Skin glands contain enzymes which act as a catalyst for converting these hormones to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone. DHT triggers high sebum production in the skin gland. And higher sebum production is the main cause for acne. Milk is known to consist of androgen hormones. It’s been proved scientifically that androgen hormones are the breeding ground for growth of pimples and acne.