Terapeuta femenina realizando un tratamiento de terapia de Reiki. Manos sobre el estómago de una mujer. Concepto de terapia alternativa, reducción del estrés y relajación.

¿Qué es el Reiki de nuevo?

Reiki, the older Japanese healing technique, is a marriage of the term “rei” which means Universal, and “ki” that means life force. It may be literally interpreted as universal life force, but over the years it has become a system of healing and a huge community of people using it. This procedure is based on the belief that the life force of all living things can be manipulated.


The ancient teachings about chakra or ki teach us about the seven energy centers, the chakras, and that’s the founding stone of Dr. Mikao Usui’s healing method, the Reiki. As all of the things in nature, those we see and even those we do not, are made from energy. A stone is a manifestation of highly condensed energy, and so is the grass we walk and so are we, the people. We have the life energy which we form with our lifestyle. We usually choke the flow of our energy with aggression, anxiety, stress and so forth.

When an imbalance within our energy happens, we develop psychological or even health issues. With the custom of some methods we can even strengthen the flow of our life force and rejuvenate our bodies, slowing or even reversing the aging procedure. The objective of Reiki is to create balance and guarantee a smooth, uninterrupted flow of life energy. Our body is a excellent selection of individual functional components, all linked into what we usually take for granted. If one part breaks down, other parts become affected to.


So if we balance the energy in our bodies, we also offer the every individual part the chance to recuperate. Reiki is a technique of using the universal energy to restore the equilibrium where it’s needed. A Reiki master lays hands on a individual and channelizes the energy through his hands to the body of the individual that’s being healed. The energy goes where it’s needed the most. The only requirement for this type of therapy is that the individual is open to this sort of healing. Otherwise the patient might be unconsciously blocking the energy flow in the healer and countering the recovery procedure. The feeling is almost always a soothing warm atmosphere.

The treatment can take from 5 days to 3 months, and it’s possible to observe some profound changes in how our body works. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, the end results generally manifest as pain relief, blood pressure correction, lowering the blood glucose and fat levels, regulating poor digestion, more energy etc.. Some emotional difficulties and blockades sometimes disappear also.

Many individuals still fear alternative treatments, but Reiki appears to be one of those who keeps giving strong, measurable outcomes, and above all, it truly helps people with an assortment of problems. Your body isn’t only comprised of your bones, blood and bones; your energy can also be a part of you and it affects your body just as much as a cut or a broken bone. Although Reiki traditionally is not supposed to be performed with no proper training, and a set of rituals which open your energy blockades, I will describe how it’s done (partially because I feel it’s selfish to return such advice, whatever the founder of Reiki stated ).

¿Qué hacer?

First tell somebody to lay down on the ground with his/her hands by the sides. The individual may also sitfor some people it’s more difficult to unwind when sitting. Ask the individual what she/he would prefer. There are numerous standard Reiki hand positions but I will explain the general principle and leave the advanced stuff for your own research. Place your hands about an inch over the place you would like to treat. If you have not done this before, it would be a fantastic idea to practice with visualization.

Visualiza la energía cósmica fluyendo a través de ti y moviéndose hacia la persona que estás tratando. Recuerda que sólo eres un conducto; no mezcles tu propia energía con este flujo. Podrías estar empeorando las cosas si tú mismo estás en una condición terrible. La energía fluirá en la parte que más se necesite, pero puedes poner tus manos sólo sobre aquella zona que te ayude a concentrarte. Tanto tú como la persona que está siendo tratada sentirán una sensación de calor y hormigueo a medida que se produce el mayor flujo de energía.


Mantén tus manos en este lugar por un momento de dos, puedes sentir los cambios en el campo energético del individuo y puedes juzgar por ti mismo si se necesita más. Algunas personas pueden sentir un poco de náuseas después de una sesión de Reiki, particularmente si fue una sesión extrema. Con algunas enfermedades no es raro que los síntomas empeoren. No hay que temer, se conoce como crisis de curación. Para mejorar, la enfermedad debe seguir su curso y llegar a su propia conclusión. A veces se producen leves inflamaciones o dolores musculares en la región, pero también puede ser un signo de curación. Cuando se restablece el equilibrio energético, el cuerpo es capaz de trabajar por sí mismo en la región dañada y estos indicadores no son más que una señal de que el cuerpo está luchando por recuperar la salud.