Candida albicans is a diploid fungus that grows both as yeast and filamentous cells and a causal agent of opportunistic oral and genital infections in humans

What Is Candida Yeast?

This report discusses candida yeast infection, which is a widespread problem, affecting millions of women and men. We never really know it’s there, until it grows out of control. Then we know that something is extremely wrong. Candida yeast is a simple mobile, parasitic fungus that only takes, rather than gives. It creates a nasty enterotoxin through its regular respiration that poison our system which may cause cancer.


In actuality, many scientists believe that there’s a close link between systemic (whole body) candida yeast infections and the development of cancer. Candida yeast has a pronounced negative effect upon the immune system and organ functions. It affects heart function. When we die, it’s candida yeast which begins the process of digesting our flesh. It’s living in us, so it’s not much of a stretch to begin consuming our tissues. I am confident you have seen fungus from the woods living from the side of a tree trunk.

If you remove it, then you find the obvious harm to the tree. Well candida yeast does severe damage to internal organs and tissues also. Certain things need to take place for candida yeast to move out of a subservient place within your body to a dominant position. Namely, something must affect, or encourage, the die from the assortment of beneficial flora which keeps candida yeast and a slew of other parasitic pathogens in check.

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  • High sugar diet, or higher consumption of starches and carbohydrates. Most high yeast foods include sugar, also. Most processed bakery foods are packed with sugar and yeast. Beer is a high yeast food. Nothing feeds candida yeast or cancer cell better than processed starches and sugar.
  • Widespread vitamin and mineral deficiencies brought on by high stress and poor diet, resulting in low immunity. Low immunity lowers your defense and causes candida yeast the chance to flourish, unchecked.
  • Undiagnosed cancer or AIDS. Candida yeast is often the first indication of both of these conditions because they are both compromised immunity disorders. It’s particularly important to get tested for AIDS and likely every other sexually transmitted disease if you’ve had sex without a condom, or some other anal sex out of a long-term monogamous relationship.
  • Radiation and Chemo are by nature so candida yeast thrives during these cancer therapies. And when somebody dies from complications of cancer, it’s generally yeast which has taken its toll on the individual. Getting yeast under control often spells the difference between death and survival in cancer.
  • Diet low in acidophilus found in sugarless yogurt or kefir, or zero ingestion of acidophilus pills. Now, the topic of getting control of yeast is a completely different subject that needs your dedicated involvement.


But one thing is for sure: getting yeast in check is perhaps among the most rewarding things which you can do to boost your normal health and vitality. There’s an important improvement in mood, energy, weight control, brain function, sexual function, and quality of sleep when candida yeast is slapped back to where it belongs.