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¿Cuáles son los riesgos de la hipnosis?

Even before, hypnosis was regarded as something that’s connected with the evil forces. Additionally, it has been hailed as a tool that is used to completely control someone and have him do things which are contrary to his will. However, as the 1930’s hypnosis has been recognized as an effective method against popular sleep and other behavioral disorders in addition to some medical and mental ailments.


Since that time many recognized favorable effects of the method has come out. For this plenty of people have sought the services of therapists who have had training in this method. Indeed the method when done the right way and given the complete cooperation of the patient may lead to better physiological and mental functions as well as puts out harsh traits such as procrastination. Like any other thing however, despite all of the benefits of the procedure, there are still several identified risks of hypnosis.

For this a individual should always be at the lookout, hypnosis done in the wrong way can cause serious damages to your person. Among the dangers of hypnosis which may be done to a man or woman is to make him completely hooked on the method. One must keep in mind that hypnosis isn’t something that may be performed over and over again. It’s only performed to a patient for sometime to make a patter.

¿Lo sabías?

For sleep disorders for example, hypnosis creates a sleeping patters so the body will have the ability to adapt to it. The moment this one is developed in the body, someone might need to be by himself. The obligation to free the mind of worries and not to allow distractions of any kind to disturb the sleeping pattern once more now includes the patient himself. The issue comes when the individual engages to it over and over again since he can not do his part.

It’s dangerous in such a manner that the natural physiological processes that guarantee the well-being of a person are hindered. Another danger which could be faced by a person who comes to the aid of hypnosis to heal some ailments is when the therapist reads the mind of the individual in a wrong manner. As we understand hypnosis works by making a focus on both the conscious and the subconscious of someone.


The sort of hypnosis that’s performed is based on the interpretation of the therapist of the psychological, mental and psychological condition of the individual. Misinterpreting the subject’s condition can therefore make the use of the wrong procedure and can worsen the issue as opposed to cure it. Also among the dangers of hypnosis is that it may cause some violent reaction on the patients. Hypnosis can have a very powerful influence on the individual that they can’t easily overcome. Sometimes, it gets so much more that what their minds can take so it contributes to some inconsistent responses. In addition, it can conjure false memories and make some false impression on a individual which they did not have before.