vista recortada de un curandero poniendo las manos sobre la cabeza de un joven con los ojos cerrados

¿Cuál es la importancia del Reiki contra los dolores de cabeza?

In the magical world of Reiki, what’s believed to be possible. One isn’t only able to cure one’s self, whether one is sick physically, mentally, or emotionally, one is also able to eliminate a sick loved one the pain and hurt that diseases of the brain and those bodily in nature bring through the right implementation of reiki therapy.


Además, es posible realizar la sintonía que acompaña al tratamiento a distancia. Por lo tanto, incluso si el ser querido enfermo está en una cama de hospital a kilómetros de donde estás, todavía eres capaz de curar a tu ser querido. Puedes llevar a cabo el procedimiento de sintonización de reiki desde la comodidad de tu casa y siempre que lo hayas implementado correctamente, seguramente funcionará. Ahora, puedes despedirte alegremente de los viajes de larga distancia, ¡hola terapia de reiki!

Say adieu also to horrific hospital bills that loved ones needs you to shoulder, hello rapid recovery and great health! This is the power which reiki practitioners are bestowed with through the process of attunement.


Reiki, incidentally, is a Japanese healing art form that originated from the root words “Rei”, meaning “Higher Power”, and”Ki” which is interpreted to mean”life force energy”. An ancient healing technique that had its beginnings in the South Pacific island of Japan hundreds of years back, it has now transformed itself to become an alternative form of treatment or medication for many well-known illnesses like cancer, severe migraines, and lots of others.

To the fascinated Westerners, reiki treatment, the practice of that really, is now a lifestyle choice believing that using frequent attunement sessions on the body, and on other people’s bodies too, one becomes more balanced emotionally and mentally. This, in turn, should lead to healthy food choices and an affinity for physical actions. It’s due to these terrific benefits that routine attunement sessions should be carried out.


Las sintonizaciones son muy importantes en Reiki porque es la forma en que un Maestro de Reiki puede lanzar "Ki" desde su alma y compartirlo con un Practicante de Reiki. La sintonización se conoce ocasionalmente en Reiki como un servicio del alma, porque es desde el alma de uno que la "energía de la fuerza vital" fluye y se transfiere a aquellos que necesitan curación. Esta es la forma en que ocurre una terapia de reiki.

This is how healing occurs. This is the reason why so many men and women are interested with Reiki and following one attunement session have become avid fans and practitioners of the Japanese healing art form. Attunement kicks off it and from there comes recovery. Do you want to attempt to be attuned now? Close your eyes and open your body, soul, and spirit to “Ki”. Make Reiki a daily action. Make healing happen. Make life simpler for you.