Atractiva mujer joven ejercitándose en interiores, haciendo ejercicios de yoga sobre suelo de madera, tumbada en Torsión Espinal Reclinada, Jathara Parivartanasana, descansando después de la práctica, de cuerpo entero, vista superior

¿Cuál es la combinación perfecta de bienestar?

The “Perfect” Wellness Combo! So, I had a excellent question from a patient. If I do all the , should I get my spine checked and cleared of interference and ? I LOVED the query. Yoga is an awesome tool. I know it well and have been practicing aspects of yoga for almost 20 years. I’ve taught yoga. I’ve lived its fundamentals, and still do.

Se siente bien

It’s an amazing resources that will help you feel good, heal yourself, and bring more of who you’re in the world. Yoga has many facets – and some of these include the physical postures which we think of when we think of yoga. These postures are wonderful to stretch our muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, joints, and heads. Yoga gives a tremendous way to radically improve our breathing capacity that has enormous spillover effects into our health and .

Like any physical activity, yoga does include wear and tear on the body. Yoga is probably my number one recommendation for a wellness and exercise regiment that enhances strength, increases flexibility, and builds WHILE radically reducing the effects of stress on our bodies. There’s a TON of great research on this. Having said all that, I’ve worked with LOTS of yogis who have injured themselves throughout their clinic. Furthermore, I’ve worked with many a souls who just can’t fully engage in a yoga practice because there’s been so much damage over a lifetime to their own bodies and spines.

Before they could even safely enter into yoga, a number of these folks will need to experience healing in their spines and a recovery of the harm done until they can safely participate in a yoga practice. As we keep our , we should stick with it week in, week out. There’s no ceiling on how far you can go with it and the dramatic effects it may have in your .

Cuidado de la columna vertebral

The same goes for maintaining a clear spine free from disturbance. When our spines are clear we can pain, change , and experience greater clarity, energy, energy, , , and purpose. We connect readily with ourselves and others and obviously feel ourselves flowing with life, as opposed to against it. Who wouldn’t want more flexibility, simplicity, grace, link, and focus in life? The solution is obvious – if you’re even remotely sane, you’d want much more that goodness. As our spines stay clear, our yoga enhances and as our yoga enhances we want less and less spine care. We get healthy and STAY healthy for a lifetime.

Real wellness and health are all about empowered. You WANT to feel in control of your health and you need to feel you can get resources inside of you whenever you will need to feel good, break through personal barriers and to live your dream life. The combination of yoga and viatlistic are excellent at producing from within. Yoga and chiropractic share a gorgeous . Health, radiance, and energy come from “Above, Down and Inside, Out” What that indicates is that the health and energy we hunt comes form inside of us and through our connection to Source.


Estas aplicaciones a la salud son la ruta más efectiva y rápida para un cuerpo y una mente habilitados, limpios, sanos y felices. Es probable que debamos pasar por un período de curación y limpieza, pero con prácticas dulces como el yoga, podemos seguir mejorando y mejorando todo el tiempo. Por tu salud y tu propio empoderamiento personal. Para hacer una humanidad más feliz, más sana, más conectada y más desarrollada a través de la entrega de la atención médica de vanguardia basada en la evidencia.