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¿Por qué controlar el peso?

A healthy body needs a minimum quantity of fat for the correct operation of its reproductive, hormonal and immune systems. Fat also acts as an insulator that keeps the body’s temperature stable, as a shock absorber for sensitive areas, and as a store of energy for future use. Fat is […]

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¿Qué pasa con las personas mayores y la compañía?

For a lot of people, happiness closely relates to companionship. Scientific research shows that humans are social animals who need other people, often the opposite gender. Such attractions make it possible for individuals to participate in meaningful relationships which produce colors of happiness. Interestingly, the brain is the first organ […]

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¿Está interesada?

You’re in the bookstore and this cute girl stands next to you, browsing in magazines. After a couple of minutes, she strikes up a conversation and you are not certain if she’s flirting or just being friendly. How do you tell if she’s interested? Take note Does she make eye […]

Receptor de células T en complejo con el complejo péptido del CMH de clase II. El antígeno (verde claro) es un péptido de una célula tumoral, una bacteria o un virus. Las células dendríticas presentan los antígenos a los linfocitos a través de sus moléculas MHC unidas a la membrana (violeta). Las moléculas CD4 (azul claro) se unen a otras porciones del CMH, reforzando la interacción. Después de unirse al complejo MHC-antígeno, el receptor de células T (azul) envía una cascada de señales a través de una proteína G unida a la célula del linfocito T, que activa una respuesta inmunitaria.

¿Qué son las proteínas MHC?

The fact that our body naturally has the capability to fight against foreign elements such as bacteria, virus, pathogens and other micro organisms is intriguing. These actions are referred to as immune reactions as the body has an extremely effective and thorough armory to combat most pathogens and prevent us […]