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¿Necesita información sobre el acné?

So as to set about treating the issue of acne, it’s necessary to comprehend the fundamentals. It’s a problem which occurs in several millions of individuals globally. Many individuals think it is simply a teenage or adolescent problem, but this isn’t correct. Adults are also included in the listing of victims.


It can cause embarrassment to many but that’s only one effect. It can result in anxiety, inferiority, insecurity, depression, self-consciousness and frustration. Acne appears in several of forms including blackheads (the most evident form), whiteheads, cysts or pimples. These many forms don’t just appear on the face, but may be seen on the neck, chest, shoulders or on the trunk. Cyst – appears as a bulge due to a clogged pore that has swollen.

It’s hard to pin point the specific single cause of acne, but it may be put off by any one of a variety of contributing factors. Probably the most common could be blocked pores, normally associated with excess oil. Changes in hormones are also responsible. Bacteria is another variable. One factor not normally considered is that of genetics. In the event of severe acne, scarring or pitting of the skin can happen.


Las cicatrices profundas del acné son muy antiestéticas y pueden hacer que el afectado acuda a un médico o dermatólogo. Los remedios de venta libre no deben considerarse el primer paso. Pueden funcionar, pero su efecto suele ser breve. Además, los productos de venta libre no van a tratar la causa principal del problema. Sólo tratarán de disminuir los síntomas evidentes. Es posible gastar mucho dinero y no hacer nada para eliminar el problema a largo plazo. Se ha demostrado que algunos productos no son saludables y son peligrosos.

Por lo tanto, se aconseja no viajar por esta ruta. Un producto que se sabe que causa depresión y graves defectos de nacimiento es Accutane. Existen normas para controlar su uso que obligan a vigilar a todos los médicos que lo recetan y a los pacientes. La limpieza de la piel dos veces al día es ideal para eliminar la suciedad y las células muertas de la piel que pueden obstruir los poros.

Nota final

Over washing the skin may cause a dry skin or irritation. Something to prevent is that the squeezing of the pimple, blackhead or whitehead, since this may result in scarring or even more inflammation. Ultimately the only true and sure way to rid yourself of acne, is using a holistic and natural approach. Acne No More is one such method and is the result of years of research by a former victim who cured himself.