¿Cuál es mi estrategia para un alivio natural del dolor de cabeza?

I have been a migraine headache sufferer for more than 40 years. Just in the past seven months I’ve started to win some significant successes in my struggle against migraines and I have felt a massive quantity of relief. Unfortunately, these strategies weren’t endorsed by the significant medical profession.

My seven step strategy

I received lots of good help from a naturopathic doctor and decided to try some good old fashioned trial and error. Below is my seven step strategy to fight headaches and gain natural headache relief.

Find and manage the causes of headaches

Determine up front that you’re going to find and manage the causes of headaches rather than simply deal with the immediate consequences, the pain.

Start a journal

In this journal there should be three columns. The first to record the time and date; the moment to record the foods you have eaten; and the third to list headaches you get. Note the time they began, the seriousness and how long they survive. This journal can be particularly valuable in determining if there are particular foods or beverages that behave as headache triggers that you will need to steer clear of.

Find the headache triggers

Realize there are several food items which could behave as headache triggers and be the causes of headaches. From my experience the most common headache triggers are caffeine and coffee, sugar and chocolate, alcohol (red wine is often the most potent alcoholic beverage), and Monosodium Glutamate (a flavor enhancer heritage many foods). As hard as it might sound, headache triggers must be removed from your diet if you would like to prevent migraine headaches. This can be a real battle, but it needs to be done.

Have your eyes checked

Make certain to ask many questions of the optometrist. Sometimes a person may have 20/20 vision but still have problems. As an example, one eye might be much stronger than another. Despite the fact that your overall vision might be 20/20 the poorer eye might always be faking and attempting to catch up with the other eye. This can lead to pressure on the weak eye when reading, driving, and actually when doing nearly anything.

Exercise program

Start a fantastic exercise program. Many times a fantastic workout will offer natural headache relief and get rid of the pain. For optimal results the exercise program should be maintained regularly, not only used when a hassle arrives.

Avoid headache medication

In addition, you should consider that the headache medication you’re taking today might be causing “rebound headaches”. The easing of the pain now may bring it back tomorrow or the following day. This is serious business. If someone gets trapped in the rebound headache cycle he/she is going to have a quite difficult time determining what other headache triggers are, since they have a near daily or constant headache. If you end up taking headache medication two or three days per week there’s a really good chance you’re caught in the rebound headache syndrome. This doesn’t get better by taking more over-the-counter drugs. Usually the best way to break this cycle is to live through a migraine, that is a really difficult and frightening experience. You do not want to get trapped in the rebound headache cycle.

Remedios naturales

There are lots of natural and herbal remedies that have proven successful. Often used herbal products to fight headaches are feverfew, butterbur, magnesium and white willow bark. Herbal combinations also have proven to work and there are numerous homeopathic remedies available.

Gain control of your life

I’ve nearly conquered my everyday headache problem by using the seven steps mentioned previously. It feels so great to have control of my life for the first real time in my remembrance (I actually can not recall a sustained time period when I wasn’t prone to having severe headaches). It’s absolutely wonderful for me to come home from work with no hassle or without having had to choose one, two, three, or four headache drugs of any type during the day. It’s fantastic to be able to strenuously workout without having a migraine a few hours later. It’s a wonderful blessing!