Mujer joven con problemas de asma y tosiendo mucho tapándose la boca y llevándose la mano al pecho.

¿Qué debe saber sobre las alergias y el asma?

Se calcula que más de 1/2 de los estadounidenses de entre 6 y 59 años dan positivo a uno o más alérgenos. Se cree que alrededor de una cuarta parte de las personas sociales son alérgicas a ácaros, cucarachas o ambrosía. Las encuestas muestran que unos diez millones de estadounidenses son alérgicos a los gatos.

¿Lo sabías?

Dos millones son alérgicos a picaduras. Basado en la Academia Americana de , and Immunology allergies will be the sixth leading reason behind chronic (i.e. long-term) disease. The nagging problem isn’t confined to the U.S. It’s estimated that between forty and fifty % of children in THE UNITED STATES, Western Australia and Europe involve some type of allergy.

¿Por qué el asma?

How come this a nagging problem in case you have asthma? The global world Organization believes 90 % of asthma attacks are set off by allergic reactions. An allergy starts with your body’s increased sensitivity to something it perceives as a threat. The disease fighting capability overreacts to an que para otros puede ser una sustancia inocente e inofensiva. No sabemos por qué algunos individuos se sensibilizan a un alérgeno y otros no, pero se cree que la gente hereda la tendencia a las alergias, pero no a una sustancia concreta. Algunos expertos creen que la sensibilidad está relacionada con el entorno y el estilo de vida del niño.

They indicate the increasing sales of antibacterial sprays along with other cleaning agents. Today’s homes are usually cleaner. Children save time in the real and less time playing outside in the dirt. Consequently they’re less subjected to potential allergens and denied the opportunity to develop immunity. That is believed to result in allergic sensitization. Studies show that children in a big or who attend a daycare center are less inclined to develop allergies. It has additionally been discovered that children who share their house with cats and dogs have less allergies than those raised in a free household.

Pollen is really a common asthma and allergy trigger. When these tiny particles enter the airways of someone sensitive with their presence proteins at first glance of the pollen and an enzyme also carried by the pollen cause an overreaction. The triggers the disease fighting capability and the enzyme interacts with the cells of the airways. This inflames the respiratory passages and results in breathing difficulties. this technique might trigger new, far better medications, but so what can you do for the time being? Know the pollen count for the area firstly. Your day before it really is broadcast however remember that the pollen count is normally taken.

It could be reduced by rain or cool weather, and increased by warm weather or short thunderstorms. There are several easy preventative actions it is possible to take for every kind of allergy. For those who have an allergic attack during yard work and in damp places get rid of whatever smells moldy; if pets take up a reaction wash pets and their bedding regularly; many allergies shall improve if you don’t smoke, in the home and around your kids especially. In case you are found by you’ve got a la vigilancia de la alergia es la mejor receta.

Hoy en día

Today it is possible to encounter food substances in probably the most unexpected places. There is a vintage school experiment that involved burning a peanut and measuring just how much energy it gave out. Pupils burn a different type of food now. Some pupils discovered these were allergic to peanuts the hard way because the oils in the nut gave off fumes. There’s another food to take care of with caution now. Sesame allergy is among the fastest growing allergies in the global world. And do not think you’ll only discover the seed resting atop a bun. They’re found in salad dressings, ethnic foods, baked goods and even. So what is it possible to do in the event that you suspect you have an allergy or you may be asthmatic? First, become educated concerning the condition. Industry experts agree that is the greatest prescription.

Nota final

Do some extensive . Check with your doctor. They could recommend tests to find out any allergies you have. If an allergy or asthma is identified are medications there, precautions and complementary therapies you may use to control your trouble. Above all usually do not believe that an analysis of allergy or asthma means you need to live a less active, enjoyable life. Our knowledge of these conditions is incomplete, but we realize to permit sufferers to assume control enough.