¿Qué causa las migrañas ópticas?

What are optical migraines? Although there are many types of migraine headaches that affect the eye, there is no medically diagnosed optical migraine. This term is problematic because of its definition. Optical refers to sight or the eye. Migraine is a Greek word that means pain on one side. The term can refer to pain on one side or both of your eyes, which can be quite broad.

Optical Migraines

An optical migraine can be described as either an ocular or opthalmoplegic migraine. Many headaches that are called optical migraines are actually ocular migraines. This is also known as aura with migraine. Ocular migraines are rare but they are the most common type without headache. Ocular migraine symptoms can be described as flashing or shimmering lights, or similar to static on a TV.

This type of migraine symptoms usually last less than one hour. This type of migraine is common in people who have suffered from it for a long time. This type of headache can be a new occurrence for you. If your symptoms change, consult your doctor immediately.


Opthalmoplegic headaches are a rare and severe type of eye-migraine. Opthalmoplegic migraines are characterized by severe pain in the eyes that can lead to vomiting. This migraine is believed to be caused by weakness in the muscles surrounding the eye. The migraine causes severe pain and a drooping eyelid. This is called ptosis and can last for several weeks.

Opthalmoplegic headaches are most common in children. This headache is not a migraine. It doesn’t matter what age you are, if you have headaches that resemble these symptoms, it is important to seek medical attention in order to rule out other serious health conditions. Prevention is always better than treatment. Are you suffering from migraine attacks all the time? No one can understand how sick you feel.


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