¿Están sus peces enfermos?

Keeping a fish tank is a wonderful and relaxing hobby, but it can turn stressful if your fish start to die off. The most common cause of fish disease is poor water quality so it’s crucial that you perform routine maintenance on the tank, making certain you do a partial water change periodically and clean out any waste or uneaten food so it doesn’t decay and poison the water.

Fish diseases

Many fish disease can be prevented if you supply therapy once you find any indications of your fish being ill. Therefore, it’s imperative that you monitor your fish every day to find out if there are any symptoms of illness. Some common signs of disease are listed below.

  • White dots – occasionally fuzzy looking, almost like grains of salt on your fish.
  • Ich. It’s a rather common disease and is caused by poor water quality or may impact your fish when it’s immune system isn’t functioning up to par because of stress. It can be treated easily in case you catch it in time. There’s a particular solution you can purchase at the pet shop to medicate your tank and, hopefully, eliminate this issue.
  • Gray patches on the skin, looks cottony and may be round the gills. This is a parasite also brought on by excess fish food and waste decaying in the bottom of the tank. You can purchase remedy for it and it should clear up easily if you don’t have let it go too far. In the future remember to wash out the tank each week so that you don’t have a recurrence.
  • If your fish look like they are gasping for air, this might be simply due to insufficient oxygen in the water and not necessarily a disorder. You could add an airstone to find out if that helps the issue. Be sure to don’t overcrowd the tank with a lot of fish.
  • If you see your fish scratching itself against the base of the tank or the decorations, it is possible he has a parasite named Flukes. These attack the gills and skin and are quite tough to eliminate after your tank is infected.


Again, poor water quality will make this much worse. They do sell drugs for the tank and you might have the ability to clear it up in case you treat the tank at the first sign of trouble. Rotting fins are occasionally seen when the fish is under stress and in addition, if the water quality is substandard. It’s a bacteria that’s attacking the fins and you need to take care of the tank at the first indication of this problem. If possible, isolate the affected fish to another tank to stop the germs from spreading. To insure that you always have healthy fish, you should keep the tank clean and religiously perform partial water changes. This won’t only keep your fish happy but will result in a better looking tank also!

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