¿Qué es una vida sensacional?

Our perceptions guide us to find our place on earth. We see what’s out in front of us and we decide which way to go. We hear sounds that intrigue us, frighten us, keep us are just a part of the background. We respond with our olfactory sense, often not even realizing that the power of our sense of smell.


We’re quite discerning about the flavor of different foods; our taste buds show to us what is pleasing, nutritious or stale and even poisonous. And once we touch, we find what is true for us and for the other person. When we allow our perceptions to guide and direct us, we stay aligned with our own life purpose. However, once we ignore, suppress and deny the messages which are shown to us, we tend to make a lifetime of tension and worry, insecurity and uncertainty, and working hard without apparent direction.

Our body doesn’t lie. When we listen to the subtle and sometimes obvious signals, we’re forewarned about dangers and encouraged toward growth producing opportunities and relationships. In this culture, so a lot of us are rushing around trying to fulfill all kinds of duties and expectations placed upon us by others and from our own self. Without paying attention to our body, we might try to push forward and keep going until our immune system compels us to stop.


We “catch” a cold or “accidentally” injure a human body part. Biologists, such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, remind us that we’re already harboring within our own bodies lots of the germs and disease causing organisms and substances that could debilitate us. But if our immune system is working properly, we can easily include these foreign invaders and keep on with our life actions. When we ignore our body’s signals, however, and we continue to push ourselves if our body is telling us to slow downour immune system can’t function optimally.

How can we start to keep our immune system working well? The solution is quite simple. Listen to your body. Focus on the small and almost imperceptible signals. After eating a meal, notice in the event that you suddenly feel tired. Focus on the flavor of your food as well as the colour and feel. Fresh organic food has vibrant colours and strong textures. Processed food is often too hard, too soft or the color isn’t vibrant. Stale or poisonous food is frequently blatantly off but when our perceptions are suppressed, we might not even notice. Before, during and following exercise we will need to listen to what our body is telling us it requires.

Listen to your body

Do you want more water (for fluid movement and hydration), protein (for muscle repair), carbohydrates (for rapid energy), fats for sustained energy, or minerals and vitamins to keep proper body functioning? When meeting a new man, entering a meeting or business meeting, or enaging in a sexual experience, be sure to listen to your body signals and the messages received about another person.

For instance, how does their signature feel to you? What should you see and noticve about their own body language and your own? How are you reacting to their voice, to the tone of the voice and the expression in their face? We truly live in a sensational world. If we allow our perceptions to guide us, we can more readily self-regulate and select relationships that nurture our growth and wellbeing.


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