¿Qué pasa con el polen de abeja y sus beneficios?

The bee pollen is a small male seed of dust that can be found on every flower blossom. It can also be found on the stamen. As the bees fly from flower blossoms to flower blossoms, the dust builds up on their hind legs. The flower pollen is rich in enzymes that the bee secretes. Although it may seem simple, collecting bee pollen is a delicate process.

Polen de abeja

It is sensitive to heat and must be flash frozen to preserve its freshness. The bee pollen traps are scientifically designed to gently remove the pollen from the hive by placing a metal trap at its entrance. A bee pollen trap made of wire is designed to gently brush the bees’ hind legs as they enter the hive. The bee pollen can then be collected in a drawer located below the grate.

To preserve the freshness of the bee hives, beekeepers must flash freeze the bee-pollen immediately after it is taken from the receptacles located under the wire grate at the hive’s entrance. Bee pollen can lose up to 76% its nutritional value if it is not stored properly. This is also true for bee pollen that has been treated incorrectly.

Es bueno saberlo

Too much heat can make it nutritionally less valuable, making it a ‘deadfood’. Flash freezing is the only acceptable way to store bee pollen. This should be considered when choosing your bee pollen supplement. There are many reasons why one should not simply grab any bee pollen supplement that is available.

There will be unwanted chemicals, toxins and other products of human civilization if the bee pollen is taken from polluted areas. It is important to find out how your chosen bee-pollen is stored and processed. Bee pollen is said to be able to solve a variety of medical problems in humans and dogs. A four-pound poodle with severe arthritis was successfully treated and is now able to walk without pain medication. Raw honey has been proven to be a great treatment for infected wounds in humans. Bee pollen is known to clear skin, thus helping with acne and other skin conditions such as eczema. Bee pollen has been shown to be effective in treating cancer patients with radiation therapy.

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