¿Por qué el polen de abeja es un potente potenciador del estado de ánimo?

Tell any doctor that you feel depressed all the time. They will then prescribe mood-enhancing drugs. You can also tell them you feel tired all the time. They will likely give you more tablets and multivitamins. You can also go to any shop and pick one of the many energy drinks available.


We live in a world where pharmaceuticals are needed to fix all of our problems. Imagine that you had a task to complete: first, you had get up at dawn and then run out to the fields to fill the box with apples. Then, you had run back to your house to empty the box and then repeat the process until the sun goes down. I don’t know if you would agree, but I wouldn’t be in a good mood by the third or fourth day. In fact, I doubt I would even be able to get out the bed.

Imagine the humble honeybee. These tiny creatures work tirelessly all day and never feel tired. I doubt they ever get down. Bees can’t visit the doctor and can’t take powerful mind-altering drugs so they came up with their own solution. It is one of the best natural mood enhancers and energy sources on the planet. It’s not only one of the most complete foods, but it’s also “the” only one.

Polen de abeja

It is rich in all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. How does it increase energy? Bee pollen contains approximately 55% carbohydrates. This is the good kind of carbohydrates, not the sugary ones found in foods like flour. It is also very low in calories. Many people use bee pollen to lose weight. It is rich in all the nutrients your body needs so it helps keep hunger at bay and keeps energy levels high. Bee pollen can improve your mood.

This is due to the fact that bee pollen is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which can improve mood. Studies have shown that EPA, one of the omega-3 fatty oils, can reduce depression and even decrease suicidal behavior in people with depression. While some people may experience better results than others in certain cases, this applies to all health supplements and pharmaceuticals. I encourage you to conduct your own research if you are skeptical that bee pollen is one of the best natural energy and mood boosters in the world. People wouldn’t still use it thousands of years later if there weren’t any benefits.

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