¿Cuáles son los principales componentes del polen de abeja?

Honeybees are industrious little insects that reside in groups that resemble a colony. They live and interact as if they’re guided by way of a social order or system, plus they produce many of the most amazing natural health products on earth.

Polen de abeja

The bee pollen is among the most memorable products of the honey bee may be the bee pollen. This is a collection of pollen that is gathered by worker bees that they form into granules and blended with honey or nectar. Pollen, once we all know, may be the male seed of flowers. They’re had a need to fertilize their female counterparts to be able to turn them into fruits.

Bees are drawn to flowers due to the nectar in them. It really is among the reasons these insects accumulate pollen within their legs and bodies. Bee pollen is filled with healthy substances. It’s the reason why many people utilize it as a health booster and disease protector. You might not know it, however the bee pollen is richer in proteins than any animal product. Is can be loaded with proteins which are greater than the people within eggs, cheese, or beef of equal weight.


The proteins within bee pollen are ready-to-use and do not need additional processing by your body. Using its 55 percent carbohydrate contents, the product works to optimize energy, keep carefully the heart healthy, improve digestion, and manage weight. Bee pollen comprises two percent unsaturated essential fatty acids. These substances work to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which are on the list of major causes of heart disease.

The minerals within bee pollen include calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, and copper. As you can plainly see, your body needs most of these minerals for perfect health insurance and energy. But it isn’t easy for the body to get the required amounts from diet alone. It’s the reason why you should compensate for the deficiency by firmly taking food supplements.


The known health advantages of the substance include energy production and improvement of cardiovascular, visual, and mental functions. In addition, it works to reverse the toxic ramifications of alcohol and certain medicines to help keep the body who is fit. Vitamin B6 can be an important substance that your body needs to give you a wholesome brain, a strong disease fighting capability, also to keep you energized.

Vitamin B5 is really a element of the B-complex vitamins. It works to lessen stress, maintain heart health, build stamina, and strengthen your disease fighting capability. Pantothenic acid also really helps to speed the healing of wounds, ulcers, and different other infections. Retinol A may be the substance that keeps your eyes, skin, bones and disease fighting capability healthy. It really is your reliable protector against night blindness.


VITAMIN E ANTIOXIDANT can be your active agent that works to provide you with glowing skin, sufficient oxygen supply, efficient metabolism, and protection against early aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. Tocopherol also really helps to neutralize the harmful ramifications of free radicals which are among the factors behind many degenerative diseases. They are the major the different parts of bee pollen. These substances will be the ones that work to energize, revitalize, and keep you up with the very best of health.

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