¿Cuáles son los peligros del estrés?

Stress causes your heart to beat at a faster pace and raises your blood pressure. Over time, this may result in irregularities in heart rate called arrhythmia. Chronic stress has also been associated with heart disease and been proven to increase the chance of heart attacks. As stress accelerates your heart, in addition, it causes your breathing rate to increase.

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In the short term, this may result in hyperventilation, an inability to breathe because of taking short, shallow breaths at too fast of a speed. Over the long term, stress was proven to worsen symptoms of asthma and to cause unnecessary strain on the lungs which may result in frequent infections and even increase the risk for lung disease.

Scientists are still studying how stress plays a role in autoimmune disorders, conditions where the immune system attacks healthy cells in the bodynevertheless, research has indicated that higher levels of anxiety can aggravate symptoms of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. There are even studies to indicate that stress can increase the possibility of a individual developing these diseases.

Frequent Infections

Stress has been shown to interfere with the body’s ability to fight germs. Researchers estimate that 75 to 90 percent of doctor’s visits are associated with anxiety, showing just how widespread stress-related disease is around the world. When you are stressed, your digestive system can not function properly. This may result in numerous unpleasant symptoms, including indigestion, acid reflux, nausea and diarrhea.

Stress can throw off your hormonal balance, resulting in excessive oil production which makes acne breakouts a lot more likely. Studies also have found that rosacea and other inflammatory skin conditions seem to be linked to or caused by anxiety. The disturbance that stress causes in the body’s natural hormone balance can cause levels of a hormone known as cortisol to rise inside your body.

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Cortisol encourages the body to hold onto body fat, which may result in significant weight gain even when you don’t make adjustments to your diet. While the risks of anxiety are alarming, there’s some fantastic news–anxiety effective relief is easier than you may think. Hypnotherapy for stress was demonstrated to dramatically reduce the chance of problems related to anxiety by helping the body and mind relax.


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