¿Cómo elegir el mejor tratamiento para las verrugas?

Picking the best wart treatment for you does not need to be very much of a challenge. And you don’t need to give up and choose to live with warts on skin. Different sorts of warts may appear on different areas of the skin and these warts largely derive their titles from the areas of the skin where they appear.


There are genital warts that appear on the genitals, facial warts that appear on the face, plantar warts that appear on the soles of their feet, filiform warts that appear around the nose or mouth and occasionally, on the neck or under the chin and Palmer warts that appear on the hand. Each of these warts is brought on by a strain of the Human Papillomavirus popularly known as HPV. They can typically be contracted by direct contact with those who have these warts or direct contact with areas which have been in direct contact with infected men and women.

The great news, however, is these warts can largely be treated as readily as they come. There are plenty of simple wart treatments to select from. You simply need to ascertain which one of them is the ideal wart treatment for you based on factors like the sort of wart you have, how successful a specific treatment has been or some other medical condition you may have.


Some physicians say that the best wart treatment is no treatment whatsoever since the immune system, under ordinary conditions, can fight and lead them to clear out by themselves. However, if they’re painful and unsightly and you decide to treat them, here are some general techniques you can choose from.

  • Use pineapple: The organic acids and enzymes found in pineapple qualify it as one of the greatest wart treatments available. Just apply fresh lemon directly on the wart as many times a day as possible until the warts are removed.
  • Use baking powder: Simply mix baking powder with castor oil to reach a thick paste. Apply this paste to the wart and cover with a bandage. Do this repeatedly until you see results.
  • Use Aloe Vera: Warts generally despise acids and Aloe Vera contains malic acid. Simply apply the inner gel of an Aloe Vera plant into the wart and cover with a bandage. Leave this during the night and remove in the morning. Repeat the procedure for as long as required to eliminate warts.
  • Use your urine: The acid content of urine has been demonstrated to be quite helpful in treating warts. Simply soak a cotton swab with your pee and set it on the wart. Hold this in place using a bandage or tape and leave it on for around the entire day before taking it out. Repeat the process until you achieve favorable outcomes.
  • Use apple cider vinegar: This is the best wart treatment you can try at home. Soak a cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and use a tape or bandage to hold it in place against the wart. Leave for twenty-four hours before taking it out. Do this every day until warts drop out.
  • Use vitamin C: Grind a couple of vitamin C tablets and mix with water to reach a paste. Apply this mixture into your wart and cover it with a bandage. Repeat this process daily and it is only going to require a short while for warts to disappear.
  • Use salicylic acid: This is an over-the-counter therapy and is one of the greatest wart treatments available. It normally comes in liquid form or as a patch. With this treatment, simply soak the wart affected area in water for fifteen or twenty minutes to make the skin on the area tender. After this, file the wart with an emery board and then use the salicylic acid. Repeat this procedure until warts die out. Remember to throw the used emery board away after use to prevent infecting others or re-infecting yourself.
  • Use tea tree oil: This is among the best wart treatments offered and more so since it is quite simple to use. All you will need to do is apply a few drops of this oil on the wart continuously for a couple of days and look forward to the removal of warts.
  • Get a surgery: This may be the ideal wart treatment for those who have tough cases of warts. There are quite a few surgeries which someone could experience for the treatment of warts. This would normally be recommended by a physician in cases of warts that don’t vanish on their own for many years, warts which withstand other therapies, extremely painful warts and warts that keep coming back even after treatments. This method usually comes as a last resort.


The above-given wart treatment approaches are among the very best prescription remedies available and are very helpful in treating warts for many men and women. These treatments can typically be used to remove warts on most sections of the epidermis. As previously mentioned, however, you need to determine which therapy is best for you based on factors like the sort of wart you have, the efficacy of the treatment you select and some other medical condition you may have.

Be conscious of the advantages and disadvantages of any treatment you select in order to make sure which is the best wart treatment for you. Learn everything you can about any treatment method you decide to be positive it is exactly what your skin needs. If your warts are in your face, a very delicate part of the body, you need to avoid a operation to prevent scars unless it’s absolutely required. You also need to be careful with the use of very acidic wart remedies to prevent experiencing a burn. People who have bleeding or broken skin shouldn’t use remedies like the tea tree oil as it can cause irritations. People with sensitive skin should blend the tea tree oil, should they choose this treatment, using a gentle oil such as olive oil. If you’re diabetic, you should consult your doctor that will help you decide on the best wart treatment for you as some treatments may be improper and sometimes ineffective for diabetics. Also, in case you’ve got a weak immune system or a condition like peripheral vascular disease, you should talk to your doctor to work with you in picking the best wart treatment in order to avoid infections.

Nota final

For those who have a case of stubborn warts which keep recurring, your physician may need to prescribe more aggressive procedures of treating your warts. If your warts cover a large area of skin, then the ideal wart treatment for you might be one such as using salicylic acid rather than more painful techniques that could lead to scars. You should also be cautious about the treatment you choose if you’re pregnant. Generally, it’s wise that you don’t self-medicate during pregnancy. Your doctor is in the position to select the best wart treatment for you especially if the warts are in a place such as the vagina and are extremely large or have a tendency to grow throughout the pregnancy. Finally, consider the expense of treatment. How much money you can afford can sometimes be the determiner of the greatest wart treatment for you. If you want less expensive wart treatment approaches then you may want to think about using home remedies that are usually cheaper and may be as effective as doctors’ treatments although they take longer to produce results.

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