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Información que deben conocer los pacientes de cáncer

Everybody is ignorant as to why there’s so much cancer nowadays and seeking advice from their physician isn’t a wonderful help since they don’t understand the reasons why. Also all of us think there are only three ways to deal with the disease and our contemporary medical care system are the only folks who can assist in overcoming the problem.


You must remember that the treatments which are in place now times are controlled by a powerful industry and this business has complete control over the market. Doctors are just taught and permitted to use surgery, chemotherapy and radiation that are all designed to eliminate cancer. They are poisonous to the human body. All of them weaken the immune system. They’re only treating symptoms. They’re all money orientated.

When cancer appears anywhere in the body it’s a signal from the body that you’re doing something wrong and removing growths is pointless as it’s only going to grow back again if you don’t make some important lifestyle changes. The information you want is to discover the reasons which have caused it in the first place and eliminate those causes and enable the body to heal itself.

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The treatments which are in place today all weaken the body that comprises the immune system, our complex built in repair system that keeps us health and disease free. It’s only when this system was weakened by our modern way of living that has allowed normal body cells to mutate and divide without control and become cancerous. Our three methods for treating cancer target the growths and give little respect to the reasons why it grew and treating symptoms is only likely to provide a patient temporary relief.

Unfortunately profit plays a huge role in anything to do with cancer now and it is not only treatments but diagnosing it and regular check ups to find it early. Early detection is another myth that is committed by the cancer industry. Cancer statistics are measured by a five year survival interval so the sooner they could detect it, the earlier the five years period starts running and this helps their figures.

Also if you had been diagnosed with cancer back in the 70s there was a 50 percent likelihood of you living and now that has not changed, it’s still only 50 percent. There may be no real cures for cancer until you address the source of the problem and eliminate those causes. All cancers are curably but it’s important to care for the reasons why it grew and eliminate those reasons. In other words, you must deal with the individual themselves with the issue rather than removing growths. When you make these changes you’re strengthening the immune system and naturally there are only natural methods to achieve that.

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Natural ways to help the body eliminate cancer are largely diet related because “we are what we eat”, which is our health is connected to what foods we consume on a daily bases. Exercise is also important and it is the only way to help the immune system work effectively again. We do not get the exercise we use to, particularly in Western Societies where we have the motorcar for transportation and the television for entertainment. The very best way to become free of cancer is to stop doing the things that causes it and begin making lifestyle changes that treat it. It’s all about learning and information. Take control of your own health by making these significant changes.