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¿Cómo controlar el estrés con la medicina de frecuencia?

You can learn how to deal with your stress and lead a happier, healthier life. The principal origin of anxiety is on your head and stressful energy is about us 24 hours a day. Therefore, we have to learn how to re-train our thoughts and learn how to perceive stress in a different light if we want to achieve a healthier and harmonious existence in the world. Keep a positive attitude.

Positive attitude

Accept the fact that there are things you can’t control in life (like others and their responses to you) despite all of your efforts. Make up your mind that you CAN and WANT to feel much better! Your mind is a really powerful tool which you have at your disposal. It’s been demonstrated that you can program your subconscious with hints and visualization methods to have the ability to accomplish anything you would like to accomplish.

This is where the law of attraction and manifestation comes into play. This legislation shows us what you think about and feel on a daily basis creates your life and your own experiences. Therefore, when you wish to handle your stress levels, begin to see yourself as a calm person who has a healthy and happy life and body! I am sure what you’re thinking right now that this is easier said than done and when I had your problems I wouldn’t be writing this. On the contrary, a number of our experiences and lives are parallel to one another and it’s exactly what one chooses to do with the situation that may make the difference in the outcome. Relaxation techniques can help you a fantastic deal.


Daily meditation, yoga or tai-chi can help you with training your mind and body to de-stress. Additionally, there are lots of meditation CD’s and tapes that can help get your head in the ideal place to release the stress of daily. Products which use frequency medication to activate the brain’s Alpha and Theta States and the body’s Relaxation Response can be very valuable to decrease stress and heal the body.

These products tap into scalar energy that’s abundant in the world and which may be quite valuable to those that are looking to alleviate stress in the body. What’s scalar energy? Scalar energy was initially researched by famous scientists like Nikola Tesla and Lahovsky. There was extensive research over the years done by NASA in the region of scalar energy and its influence on the human anatomy.

Scalar energy

It raises the millivolt potential of the mobile that increases oxidation of the cell and has a significant influence on the emotions. It is among the greatest things that we’ve found to get you into a deep meditative state that helps to cure the body on a cellular level. Additionally, be certain to get sufficient sleep and eat well-balanced meals. Getting the proper sleep, water, and nutrition can make a huge difference in how well your body copes with anxiety. Exercise is also important in managing stress.

Exercise that you like is quite important. If you’re exercising and it’s creating more stress in your mind or body as it’s too strenuous, it’s defeating the purpose of exercising. You should enjoy your exercise and do fun things that make your body moving. It shouldn’t feel like a gruesome task which you’re compelled to do! Setting limits and boundaries in your life is essential.

¡Toma nota!

Learn how to say “No” to those who encourage you to do things or ask you to do things that you don’t want to do. Make yourself a priority and put your needs on peak of the list. If you don’t care for yourself, you can’t care for others. Make time for hobbies and interests that make you feel good. Take up a new hobby that will assist you do fun things instead of always focusing on work and obligations. Don’t rely on alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviors to decrease stress. Seek out social support concerning support groups or friends that could be present to listen instead of going to alcohol and drugs to escape.

Also make time to spend quality time with those you love. They can be an excellent support team for you also. When you’re feeling burned down and out, it’s easy to get trapped into negative thinking and fall into depression. Get in contact with those low feelings and give yourself some quiet time to reflect. Writing down the frustrated, angry, despairing, or depressed thoughts can be quite cleansing and make it possible for you to release the negative emotions. If you only spend some time letting yourself feel the negative emotions, you can discharge them a whole lot easier. It’s more productive to let yourself feel those negative emotions for a couple of minutes rather than trying to run away by working, eating, taking drugs, etc..

Once you’ve published the negative emotions, you can replace those thoughts with positive statements and affirmations that could lead you to attract superior results in your life. Spend a week without watching any television. Famines, disasters, murders, war and violence are extremely common themes on news programs and soap operas. Continually seeing these things will cause you a good deal of stress! Imagine if the television programs reported on only positive events such as an increase in jobs, economic increase, and solutions to the energy crisis!

Could you imagine the upswing from the planet’s psychological well being and reduction of anxiety levels? Find some much needed stress relief by giving your brain a rest from such negative stimulants. Give up the tv for a week and do something more rewarding rather like reading a book, listening to music, socializing, exercising, walking, or enjoying a relaxation CD.

Palabras finales

If you will need to listen to the information, try to listen to a radio news bulletin once a day. But actually try and prevent them for a week and then replace them with something more life enhancing. Out of all of the stress relief tips, this is possibly the easiest. Try it and see your stress levels fall! One last thing-nutritional supplementation can help with stress levels. Particularly the supplements of GABA, Theanine, 5 HTP, Calcium-Magnesium (2/1 ratio), and SAM’E can be quite beneficial. If you follow the suggestions above, you are certain to decrease your stress and begin to actually feel better about your life!