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¿Cómo romper el ciclo del dolor de cabeza?

In my job I have chance to speak to a lot of people from various areas of america. Over time I have made acquaintance with many who get near daily headaches to one degree or another. This is a terrible affliction that rips in a the heart and sanity of someone. It’s so discouraging to awake in the morning and understand with 90% certainty that when you don’t have a headache , you’ll have one by the time the day is finished.

¿Lo sabías?

Many men and women are in this circumstance. I had been for about 12 years before I figured out how to split it. The strategy I will share with you is a set of measures I’ve taken myself and additional tidbits I have learned from discussions with other people. It’s not a warranty, but it worked for me and it’s at least worth a try if you’re experiencing frequent headaches. 1. In my opinion the principal cause of “rebound headaches” or what I call the”rebound headache cycle” is overuse of headache medicine.

Personal experience plus advice by Medical Doctors too at Naturopathic Physicians affirms that over-use of lots of the typical over-the-counter headache drugs produce rebound headaches. Goodies Headache Powder, B.C. Headache Powder and Excedrin are ones to be particularly careful about. I’m aware of those three are from personal experience. I’ve been told that others do the same but I can’t say personally. What do I mean by “overuse”? It’s been commonly said that if you’re taking headache drugs 2-3 days per week you’re in danger of experiencing rebound headaches.

Immatrex is a prescription medicine that could produce rebound headaches. Granted, Immatrex can knock out some strong headaches but almost each and every time I took the pain killer (and it had been more than 60) I’d find a rebound headache 18-24 hours afterwards, and it would be worse than the first. The first thing I needed to do to begin to get rid of the viscous rebound headache cycle was supposed to stop taking these drugs.

¿Qué hacer?

In actuality, I stopped taking all over-the-counter and prescription headache medications. I did have to sit out a significant migraine when I stopped and I have had to sit out some since then but the frequency of headaches I obtained was diminished straight away. It’s much better to get an occasional migraine compared to have a small to moderate headache daily and a significant migraine once or twice per week.

Después de dejar de tomar estos medicamentos, mis dolores de cabeza se redujeron pero no desaparecieron. Encontré varias cosas que se comportaban como desencadenantes del dolor de cabeza y que podían provocarlo casi cada vez que las comía o bebía. Recomiendo encarecidamente que todos los que se vean atrapados en el "ciclo del dolor de cabeza de rebote" dejen de tomar esos alimentos de inmediato y vean si hay alguna diferencia.

Una vez completadas estas dos medidas de "acción inmediata", lo siguiente sería comenzar un diario. Este diario debe revelar todo lo que la persona come y bebe y los dolores de cabeza que obtiene. Muchas veces manteniendo documentos como este es posible detectar tendencias y determinar cuáles son las causas que están provocando los dolores de cabeza.

A veces, incluso después de tomar estas 3 medidas, los dolores de cabeza podrían reducirse en gran medida, pero siguen ocurriendo a veces. Hay algunos remedios nutricionales y herbales que han dado muy buenos resultados para aliviar los dolores de cabeza. Además, existen suplementos que combinan algunos o todos estos ingredientes.


It’s my experience that the supplements which have a blend of ingredients are extremely powerful. One of them is known as “MigraDefense”. All four of the aforementioned herbs and vitamins are combined in MigraDefense and it’s been really well received by many naturopathic doctors in addition to patients. I realize that knocking off sugar, coffee, alcohol or MSG appears to be a big or possibly impossible job. It isn’t impossible, I’ve done it, others have done it, so can you. And after these changes are made, the benefits are incredible.

Si estás atascado en el ciclo del dolor de cabeza por rebote, puede valer la pena que pruebes las acciones mencionadas anteriormente. Por difícil que parezca, pruébelo durante una semana y vea si no siente una diferencia. Una vez terminada la semana, pida que continúe durante un mes. Estoy seguro de que después de un mes podría sentir una gran mejora. Deberá llevar un diario para anotar la frecuencia de los dolores de cabeza y su intensidad, de modo que pueda comparar el presente con el pasado.

If you come down with one headache per week and become discouraged feeling your plan isn’t working, realize how much better a week is than four, five or six. Are you going to need to lay off these kinds of foods and beverages forever? Will you ever be able to have a beer without receiving a hassle? Provided that you’re caught in the “rebound headache cycle” you won’t ever know. There are a lot of things that may be acting as headache triggers so you won’t be able to tell until you’re at a place where you aren’t having headaches nearly daily.


Si puedes mantenerte alejado de este tipo de productos para siempre, probablemente sea lo mejor. Si cree que simplemente necesita saber si puede comer un alimento específico o no, siga esta estrategia en particular. Una vez que haya vuelto a un lugar en el que no tenga dolores de cabeza con frecuencia, reintroduzca gradualmente los alimentos que ha eliminado de uno en uno. No reintroduzca varios de esos alimentos por mes. Siguiendo un plan como éste, debería ser capaz de saber si ese alimento le produce dolores de cabeza o si puede consumirlo sin sufrirlos.