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There’s an illness gaining notoriety which impacts hard working individuals and it’s therapists often baffled and not able to read the signs that a patient is relaying. The final result is a terrible state of inertness with intensive medical therapy and a very slow healing. Therefore, a man heading for such a psychological catastrophe has to have the ability to read and interpret early signs so as to recognise them and stop the final result.


This report will detail together with the signs and stages leading up to complete inertness. Researchers found that people in the service sector and those that have low self-esteem are at greatest risk, but it may strike anybody who takes his job too seriously and, possibly, adds idealism to it. Burnout-syndrome’ is aptly named by those specialists who specialize in treating the mental condition, but the broader spectrum of therapists tend to become very quiet when hearing about it and only refer to it as ‘depression’, which is much to general a word for this particular type of state of mind!

Let’s take the case of a commercial traveller, whose signs have been a long time coming but not recognised. For him, there was a continuous workload to manage and he needed to succeed! However, the more work he did, the more was done and the others did, leaving him even more to deal with. And he simply couldn’t quit because as long as there was work to be done, he believed it needed to be done andhe concluded, he had to take action as there was no one else about. There wasn’t time for rest as work kept piling up! He wondered how other individuals know when they’ve worked enough? Who’s telling them? Needless to say, to increase his working hours, all non selling actions had to be done outside selling time, which was in effect, following the close of the day and into the evening.


El papeleo burocrático, los boletines informativos, la elaboración de muestras de mercancía, la organización de eventos comerciales, etc., ocupaban su tiempo habitual de sueño. Y había que responder a todas ellas con calma y empatía. Había que encontrar soluciones a los problemas, tranquilizarlos y resolverlos inmediatamente. Muchas veces los problemas locales parecían aflorar sobre todo cuando se encontraba en excursiones estatales fuera, lo que aumentaba su angustia.

Why? Because any client dissatisfaction reflected on his earnings figures and also competition is always a looming thread. And nobody wanted to know about my own situation. Not the boss, nor the workplace, not co-workers and, obviously not the household. In actuality, they were becoming increasingly more demanding and critical. Forced to keep his troubles to himself and setting up an appearance of success and normalcy he needed to deal with an increasing workload. Whilst visiting weekly his therapist, who maintained belittling his feelings and heavily defended all relayed hardship. This psychiatrist didn’t believe in prescribing drugs – no matter what – no assistance was coming from anyone, raising his dominant sense of loneliness and sinking! Whilst driving from customer to customer, he couldn’t stop an uncontrolled crying, but before seeing a company contact, he always pulled myself together and wear a mask of normalcy.

Since there was nothing wrong with his product knowledge, sales and manners ability, people he came in contact with, noticed nothing. This lasted just a minute or two, but it was anxiety – evoking indeed. Only his regional GP kept insisting that he must walk round the block, a proposal he didn’t really value as the really considered stopping his precious work and just walk in a brainless fashion horrified him.


Everything that means not working was considered anathema because it didn’t lead to something and therefore he found it endangering his very existence as a salesman. Even that little sleep he did get was always interrupted by thoughts of work to be done, causing him to wake-up. One day, his condition reached a country where he just couldn’t move in any way.

Getting up one morning, he slumped in a chair and simply remained inert. The world around him became visible in red as if surrounded by flames. His mind ceased to function, as ideas are produced by electricity racing throughout the brain cells and with all of his energy spent, such as an empty battery, there was nothing. This can only be described as a special state of euphoria, with no ideas, and just being aware of breathing. This is a condition Indian fakirs may achieve after several years of psychological training.

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Inspirar y espirar es lo que había percibido: ¡un maravilloso estado de felicidad! Naturalmente, la gente no le dejaba en paz, sino que intentaba molestarle, pincharle y empujarle. La noción de cualquier movimiento está fuera de lugar, pero 'ellos' trataron de inducirlo a responder y al hacerlo fueron increíblemente crueles. Lo que realmente quería era algo parecido al aislamiento. Estar encerrado y abandonado durante, digamos, seis meses, ¿cómo podría ser eso un castigo? Pero cuando ante los terapeutas, y como él se sentía, siempre se encontraba con una increíble distancia, indiferencia y, sí, ¡arrogancia! Siempre tuvo la impresión de que sólo querían que siguiera trabajando y que no fuera una carga para nadie. Han pasado los años y esta víctima del agotamiento se ha recuperado un poco con el apoyo de los medicamentos, ¡pero ya no volverá a ser el mismo!


Actualmente, va de terapeuta en terapeuta y, al hacerlo, se está volviendo extremadamente cínico, desconfiado y muy consciente de lo que ocurre a su alrededor. Sus cambios de humor son enormes, a veces peligrosamente bajos, y es entonces cuando las organizaciones que ve en su demanda reaccionan con pánico y le imploran que siga intentando encontrar al terapeuta correcto. Hemos ilustrado ahora 1 caso de síndrome de burnout y si identificamos los signos en su fase inicial, será posible, con una atención médica adecuada y un cambio de estilo de vida, evitar este terrible colapso.