What is my strategy for a Natural Headache Relief?

I have been a migraine headache sufferer for more than 40 years. Just in the past seven months I’ve started to win some significant successes in my struggle against migraines and I have felt a massive quantity of relief. Unfortunately, these strategies weren’t endorsed by the significant medical profession. My […]

You cannot Reach your Dreams?

Does health have to do with only the current, or does it also involve sediments of the future or past? This may seem like a strange question because the future has not happened yet, so how do you experience any effects from it now? But a lot people consider the […]

¿Por qué necesitas amarte a ti mismo?

El amor propio es algo que oímos con bastante frecuencia hoy en día, pero ¿qué significa realmente? A muchas personas les trae recuerdos de la infancia cuando nos decían que éramos engreídos o egoístas. Desgraciadamente, aunque de forma invisible en el momento, estos sentimientos que nos transmitieron en aquel momento eran incorrectos, y [...]