Rear view shot of a senior couple sitting on a wooden bench in the park

¿Qué pasa con las personas mayores y la compañía?

For a lot of people, happiness closely relates to companionship. Scientific research shows that humans are social animals who need other people, often the opposite gender. Such attractions make it possible for individuals to participate in meaningful relationships which produce colors of happiness. Interestingly, the brain is the first organ […]

Mesa de mezclas de audio en uso

Datos sobre los efectos milagrosos de la música

Music can be described as an art of sound that conveys feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It can be shown via the elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony through different voices and instruments. It’s a means to express one’s atmosphere through different lyrics and instruments. One can’t imagine a life without […]

El médico se muestra en las manos del cerebro sobre un fondo borroso.

¿Cómo potenciar el cerebro?

All of us know that success does not always come that simple and it requires years of perseverance and hard work for us to achieve it. That having been said, do you realize that training your mind can allow you to unleash its potential and allow you to control your […]

Young handsome man examining orthopedic mattress on sale at furniture store, copy space. Attractive male customer buying new bed at homeware supermarket. Consumerism, home concept

¿Por qué elegir un colchón ortopédico?

Should You Choose an Orthopaedic Mattress For Your Bed? When searching for a new mattress, there are several terrific options available from spring to memory and coil foam to orthopaedic. Making a decision should depend on your personal taste, what you expect from the mattress and what guarantees you’ll have […]

time zone & clocks representing the role of time management in a global business

¿Cómo superar el jet lag?

Jet lag can be among the worst, and certainly among the most frustrating, aspects of long distance travel. Also called desynchronosis (meaning “out of time”), jet lag occurs when travellers pass through multiple time zones, arriving several hours ahead or behind their “home” time. Time zones Travelling across several time […]

Serene calm handsome young black man sleeping well alone on orthopedic soft pillow under warm duvet, african american guy lying asleep in comfortable cozy bed enjoy good night peaceful healthy sleep

¿Cuál es la importancia del sueño?

If you were bitten by the weight training bug, sleep might be the last thing on your mind. You’ve probably devoured all reading materials that instruct you how you can effectively tear down muscle tissues. In actuality, you search for new procedures for this kind of constructive self-torture, do not […]

Pequeña botella con aceite esencial y flores de lavanda. Aromaterapia, spa casero, concepto de tratamiento de belleza. Fondo de madera antigua, espacio de copia.

¿Qué es la aromaterapia práctica?

Los aceites esenciales fascinan a mucha gente: huelen bien, pero simplemente no saben qué hacer juntos, y mucho menos cómo sacar el máximo partido a las ventajas de la aromaterapia demostradas por la ciencia (como las acciones antivirales, antibacterianas y reductoras del estrés). ¿Por dónde empezar? Inhale. Respírelos [...]