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¿Qué causa mis migrañas?

I want to thank you for reading this article. This substance has been carefully researched and tested for your benefit. Headaches of any kind are extremely distressing for the sufferer. Headaches such as migraines can cause more than just headaches. These problems include nausea, light sensitivity, and throbbing pains in […]

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¿Mi migraña no es una migraña?

Many of us are familiar enough with migraines to feel comfortable with self-diagnosis. If it sounds like a migraine to us, it is probably a migraine. This is not always a safe assumption. Your headache may be secondary to another medical condition that needs attention. If you are currently receiving […]


¿Qué tipos de dolores de cabeza hay?

It can be difficult to determine which type of headache someone is experiencing. There are five types of headaches: tension headache, cluster headache, rebound tension headache, sinus headache and tension headache. The right treatment can be given if one can identify the type of headache they are experiencing. A 2004 […]


¿Cómo empieza un dolor de cabeza?

A veces, sientes que puedes saber cuándo va a llegar. Entonces puedes probar medidas preventivas para evitar el mayor dolor y sufrimiento posible. ¿Cómo empieza una migraña? Por desgracia, no se sabe qué causa las migrañas. Conocemos los síntomas. También sabemos que una migraña puede [...]